Why We Love Long Butts and Side-Boobs

If the 80’s were known for anything, it was for its horrible fashion sense. Of course, no one realized it at the time. Shoulder pads, leg warmers and the worst hair choices known to man come from this single decade. But if mullets and anything Flock of Seagulls weren’t enough to turn you off, there were a few things that did come out of that era that we are happy about. Baywatch, Run DMC, gorgeous supermodels and the like, just to name a few. Seeing lovely ladies au natural – no “photoshopping” anything then – in their gorgeous 2 piece bikinis practically everywhere, we knew there was reason to love the 80’s and its iconic trends. Take a look at why we love long butts and side-boobs.

5 Women 80’s Bikinis High Cut


This is the epitome of what we remember California beaches to look like in the 80’s. Women scarcely covered in tiny scraps of material, showing as much butt and boob legally allowed, or as we like to call it, heaven. No wonder California is also referred to as the “Golden State”. Sounds like Xanadu to me, probably looked like it too.

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