Why We Love Long Butts and Side-Boobs

[tps_title]Swedish Bikini Team[/tps_title]

Although not everyone will agree with you, Swedish women are considered some of the hottest in the world. With their platinum blonde hair, very long legs and beautifully plump boobs, these women are known to enjoy American men. Maybe that’s why the beer brand Old Milwaukee created the Swedish Bikini Team to boost its sales with the promise that hot women would “save” them. Funny thing is that these Swedish ladies are actually American women dressed up to look Swedish. Good thing men won’t care what your nationality is. As long as you can pull off that teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy yellow polka dot bikini, you’re pretty much golden.

Even if we hate the 80’s for its bad neon fashion sense, horrible hairdo’s and impossibly cheesy bands – think Starship – there are some things we can be very grateful for. Ferris Buller, Phoebe Cates, and especially the miniscule bikinis showing off all that skin are just a few. Because no matter what year you were born in, you will always love that. No ifs, ands or “butts” about it.

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