Why It Would Suck To Be a Busker

[tps_title]The Horse Man[/tps_title]

Why It Would Suck To Be a Busker - The Horse Man

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What some people do to earn money is sometimes difficult to fathom. If kneeling on all fours and pretending to be a horse all day is the only way to make a living, I definitely would not want to be this dude. Unless some inebriated bimbos decide they want a ride on the wild stallion, then maybe it might be worth it. Depending on how hot they are, of course.

Being a street performer has definitely got its challenges, with wardrobe malfunctions, extreme weather conditions, and the possibility of not earning a single cent. Of course, these buskers will tell you that they do it for the love of the arts. But you and I both know that’s pretty much bullshit. Especially when all they have to show for it at the end of the day is a 5-dollar bill and a couple of claps.

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