The 15 Oldest Bars in the United States

We’ve often asked where the oldest bar in the US is. Those who have been to Europe know the appeal of the cozy retro bar. Why go to these places when there are new establishments that are pulsating with new and cool beats? That’s because longevity says a lot about a bar. People get tired of nightspots too quickly, and if you find one that has survived the test of time, then there must be something special about it. We can only assume that their beers are laced with gold because bars don’t generally have a long lifespan. Unless you’re the only tavern at the very top of the mountain, give or take 5 years and you’re done.

Just like the 7 wonders of the world, these bars should be on your bucket list. Visit any of these and see what makes it so special. Could it be the amazing service? How ‘bout that sizzling-hot bartender that serves you your poison? Or, are the prices in the menu much like peanuts compared to the other bars in the area? Whatever the reason may be, it’s now your job to find out the winning formula for these longstanding but nonetheless trendy bars:

15. Ye Olde Trail Tavern


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Address: 228 Xenia Ave, Yellow Springs, OH 45387, United States

Established: 1848

This place offers a casual dining experience to everyone. It’s sure to have something on the menu that will attract you. And while the name sounds a little too historic and ancient, it offers modern amenities with a touch of old-world class to its customers. It’s a great venue for parties, especially if you’re planning on a themed one. The tavern is definitely as faithful as it sounds.


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