What Is It Like to Be a Contemporary Gentleman?


There is one type of men that can win the heart of any girl – the gentleman. Women complain that many modern guys don’t know how it is to be a real man. If you want to become a dream man for your lady, you should learn some basic gentlemanly rules by Go Date Now Service that will help you impress her.

  • Mind the way you dress.

    A true gentleman chooses his attire according to the situation. He knows what to put on when he hangs out with his friends and how to dress when he is on a date with a lovely girl. The key idea is to dress appropriately and sharp. Be attentive to what you put on, make sure that the clothes you are wearing are clean and ironed and the shoes are polished. Always remember about three main factors that determine your choice of the clothing: appropriateness, comfort, and confidence.

  • Mind your posture.

    It’s extremely important for a true gentleman to maintain a good posture. It can tell much about you as a person so you can’t ignore it. Walk, stand, and sit watching your posture. It doesn’t only look good but also makes you come across as a confident and self-assured man. There isn’t a woman who would like a man who sits hunched or walks clumsily. The posture like this reveals his weakness and insecurity.

  • Be polite.

    Manners make the man. Gentlemen are famous for being courteous to people around irrespective of their sex, age, or appearance. A true gentleman can’t treat one person well and be rude with the others.

  • Be helpful and attentive to the weaker sex.

    If you on a walk with your sister or on a date with your girlfriend, be considerate to them. Open and hold the door for a woman and let a lady go first. If you are seated, stand up when a woman comes to you. Do the same when your date or any woman you dine with rises from the table. Always help a woman with her coat both when she puts it on and takes it off. Offer your arm when walking in the park or going up the stairs. Offer a woman to walk her home or, at least, catch a taxi for her. Give up your seat to any woman when on public transport.

  • Don’t swear.

    Gentlemen do not use bad language talking to people, especially to women. Moreover, they will never try to impress their interlocutors by using the words whose meaning is not very clear to them.

  • Avoid vulgarity.

    You’ll never make a good impression on a girl by telling a crass joke. It will not make her laugh but only embarrass or even offend her. Making fun of other people is also a very bad idea. She expects a quality humor from you so say something really witty.

  • Ask a girl on a date in advance.

    Most women don’t like spontaneous dates since they need some time to prepare for this occasion. Apart from it, they might have their plans. So be tactful and ask her out in a 2-3 days’ advance.

  • Always come earlier.

    It’s even unimaginable to make your date wait for you. A true gentleman always comes on time or even better – 15 minutes before the agreed time. This will let you look around and get in the mood for the upcoming date.

  • Switch off your phone or active the mute mode.

    Don’t let a sudden call disrupt the atmosphere of an easy-going conversation with your date. For this, turn it off before the date starts. Don’t check it as soon as you leave the venue of your rendezvous. Even if didn’t go well or you get a bit bored, your date shouldn’t notice that. Also, resist the temptation to check your phone during the date, you’ll call and text back to everyone who was trying to contact you.

  • Keep your conversation going.

    After a small talk that normally lasts 10 minutes you should proceed to more meaningful and profound topics. A man is supposed to be the initiator of the topics for discussion. Also, ask her questions to express your interest in her personality. Be an active listener and let her express her thoughts without interrupting her speech. Good manners suggest that you shouldn’t talk more than your interlocutor that is why avoid long stories and monologs.

  • Better call than text.

    Call your lady if you want to say something important to her. Texting is good only in some urgent situations. Additionally, it’s an impersonal way of communication that doesn’t let you. By making a call, you show your date that you’ve found the time in your schedule to talk to her.

  • Pick up the tab when on a date.

    A true gentleman will always pay for dinner and will politely refuse his date’s offer to split the bill.

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