15 Common Drinking Myths Debunked

There’s no doubt that man has always had a love-hate relationship with alcohol since time immemorial. We’ve all been victims of it. We look forward to a night out of binge drinking only to wake up the next day wondering where half the night went. Could we have sleep-talked and sleep-walked our night away? It seems like we just did. Then, we suddenly feel the urge to greet “Raaaaaaalph” in the toilet. We actually say hi to him a couple of times that day, making us swear that we’ll never have a drop of alcohol ever again. Yeah right! As soon as our buds call, we’re out the door once more. Then, we get tangled in this shameful spiral.

Alcohol makes us do stupid things. We operate under this illusion that we were rock gods that very night only to realize that we’ve actually annoyed a couple of our friends while we spewed out words of wisdom that turned out to be full of crap. These weren’t words or the wise! Rather, these were teachings told by a man who saw the world upside-down. Still, we all think that we know everything there is to know about alcohol. We’ve all heard those myths and swear that they are true. Well, wake up and smell the arsenic because these myths remain to be myths for good reason – that’s because these are simply BS! Don’t believe us? Read further to find out:

Myth 1: That beer gut of yours came from drinking too many bottles of beer

Belly and beer

This myth is a bigger load of crap than, well…your gut. People always blame their lack of a 6-pack because of too much beer. They may actually be wrong. That gut that you have has more to do with the calories you take in. And yes, beer contains a big amount of calories, but when you think about it, so does a large order of the double quarter pounder extra value meal at McDonald’s. If you really want to blame your belly on something, point the finger at you. It may actually be in your genes. Yes, that’s right! That beer gut is embedded deep into your DNA. If you don’t think this is true, ask the researchers who rounded up 2,000 able-bodied Czechs to test out this theory and discovered that weight gain was a result of the calories you consumed, and not the beer you drank. If you want to get rid of that gut, then don’t drink and eat. Choose one poison and stick to it! Another theory also points to Cirrhosis. Those who suffer from it had distended bellies. Now, why they named it beer gut instead or organ failure remains a mystery. Maybe it’s because the real word was such a buzzkill during parties.

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