Categories Drinking Game: Rules & How to Play

Categories Drinking Game

It’s not every day that you come across drinking games that are fun and exhilarating. However, categories are probably one of the few drinking games that’s fun, beginner-friendly, and can be played with a large crowd at a party.

So, if the party seems dull and you want to liven it up, we’d recommend that you look into including categories in the loop. The drinking game has quite a generic ring to it, but that’s the beauty of this game. You don’t need much to get started. All you need is a drink and your imagination.

This article will walk you through all the details about the Categories drinking game, the rules, and how to play it.


Categories in other Drinking Games

Often, Categories are played as an extrapolation of an existing drinking game. However, if you want to spice up a current game with some wild imagination and creativity, that’s where the Categories game comes into play.

Following are some of the examples you need to keep in mind:

1. As part of Ring of Fire or King’s Cup

If you are a pro at drinking games, you have likely played Ring of Fire or King’s Cup. Categories are implemented when drawing a card during the game. Not every number is drawn, though. Only when a player draws a ten that they have to start a game of Categories.

The player has complete autonomy over the kind of category they introduce during the game. However, the other players must participate once the Categories game starts in the Ring of Fire.

2. As a Consequence of other Drinking Games

Not just in Ring of Fire, Categories are also played as a consequence of other drinking games. Drunk Jenga is one of the most common examples of the same.

In this, designated blocks are associated with initiating a game of Categories. This means that when you pull and keep aside that particular block, you’d have to start a game of Categories as a consequence.

Besides that, Piccolo is another drinking game where Categories are played as a consequence. It is a homemade drinking board game where you have to introduce a round of Categories due to a few missteps.

3. As a Standalone Drinking Game

Lastly, Categories can be played as a standalone drinking game where you don’t have any physical game choices like a deck of cards, glasses, ping pong balls, etc. Therefore, categories is a good pick if you still wish to play a drinking game in such situations.

Since Categories is more of a person-based and imagination-based game, there are no other props that you need to start and play the game, which is a lot of fun.

Categories Drinking Game Rules

When it comes to playing Categories, what sets it apart is the flexibility. There are no stringent rules in the game, and you must use your imagination to play the game and make the big wins.

However, Categories games can often be limited, especially if you don’t have a good collection of ideas to play with. So before you start this drinking game, we recommend you sort aside a list of the top ideas that will work for you in the long run.

Here are a few options to get started with:

  • Baseball teams
  • Flowers
  • Spices
  • One-hit wonders
  • Dog breeds
  • Beer brands
  • Movies
  • Any actor and their movies
  • Dishes that use a specific ingredient
  • Things you can open
  • Monopoly game pieces
  • TV shows
  • Cooking
  • Books you read
  • Restaurants nearby
  • Christmas movies, etc.

The list is never-ending, mainly because it uses the person’s imagination. You will never run out of ideas, provided that you are doing things the right way. Also, if you are playing Categories as a consequence in another drinking game, you’d have to follow the rules specified in that particular game.

How To Play Categories Drinking Game?

When playing categories, you aim to pick a Category that is quite tough and will make the person next to you think about what to come up with. That’s the fun in the game. You can’t choose “Colors” and hope for people to get stuck picking a color.

So, if your aim is to make the other person drink a shot, you need to choose a demanding and challenging category. Here’s how you play the game:

Make everyone playing the game sit in a circle or a line, so everyone knows when their turn is.

Once that’s sorted, a category has to be picked. If it’s your turn, pick a tough type like “Popular movies that star Kate Winslet.”

Once you have picked the category, the game starts with the person next to you saying the movie’s name. This will continue until one person can’t answer regarding the category and has to take a shot.

That round of Categories stops there, and the person who took the shot has to choose the next category.

And that’s how the game continues.

Whether the game runs clockwise or anti-clockwise is not something you’d have to be stringent about. For example, if you started the first round in a clockwise pattern, the rest of them can be played clockwise.

This is one of those few drinking games that work best with a larger group. However, you won’t have much fun playing this game with a handful of people. Also, keep the game fast-paced. So, if someone can’t tell on their chance within one to two seconds, they must take a shot immediately. The more competitive the game is, the more fun it becomes.


Categories is a fun and creative drinking game that is a party-pleaser. If you are confused about the game’s rules and the basics, we hope this article gives you all the necessary information. Ensure to keep the difficulty of the categories at the top. That’s what decides the outcome of the game. If the game isn’t tough and too lenient, you won’t find it fun to play with a large crowd.

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