Being Drunk and Shopping is Dangerous for Your Wallet

Retail therapy is becoming an issue for a lot of people. Online shopping has made it easier to spend all your money in a jiffy. You don’t even have to venture out of your house and change. Even when sober people make a lot of stupid purchases when they are emotional, let alone when drunk.


It’s like a surprise shopping spree for yourself. You wake up with a hangover and find your credit card on the keyboard, take it further and don’t check what you purchased. It will be a nice surprise from your drunk self to your sober self.

The point is though, the purchases aren’t always funny or something that you can deal with. You could easily click “add to cart” and then “buy now” for something that you have been wanting to get for ages but haven’t because it is expensive and doesn’t make financial sense.

Being sad, upset, depressed, feeling lonely, unloved, coupled with a lot of drinks is the main reason for your drunk purchases to cross the line of reasoning by miles.

Tips to Save Your Bank Account From Being Raided by the Drunk You

1. Turn the Internet Off

No access means you won’t be buying anything, right? While this is the most obvious solution, this is also the most difficult to implement. You need the internet to talk to your friends, to watch shows or movies, listen to songs, call your friends and tell them how much you love them or to make the same regretful calls to your exes.

2. Parental Control Over Yourself

Block the shopping sites before you go out to get drunk. Even if you try to access the sites you won’t be able to. Your drunk self isn’t going to stick around to unlock the access. Even if you do that, you can do the next step to make sure you don’t make a purchase.

3. Delete Card Details from Shopping Sites

We often have our card details saved for ease of shopping. Removing your card details not only stops you from making drunk purchases, but it also saves you from impulse purchases. Clicking buy now is way easier when only clicking one button is required to make the transaction.

If you have to put your card details every time, you are not going to make drunk purchases. As for impulse purchases, it gives you extra minutes – while you fetch your wallet, then take the card out, then enter details, and then hit buy now – to think if you really want the item you are about to buy.

Final Thoughts

When you are out, your friends can stop you from making purchases as they stop you from calling your exes and telling them how much you miss them. But, when you are alone, you have to be vigilant and take precautionary steps before you even consider drinking.

If nothing works, then you might have a drinking problem and will have to cut back on your drinking.

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