The Best, The Worst, and The Dirtiest Dive Bars in the United States

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You either love them or hate them. Dive bars are filled with drunken men who have too much time on their hands and too little money in their pockets. Just when you thought you’ve seen the worst, you enter the toilet, hoping to find a quiet refuge as you worship the porcelain god. Well, they’ve certainly done their jobs. Just when the stench from the urinals wafts through your nose, you feel your entire meal traveling back up your esophagus, making its way out of your mouth.

The US certainly boasts of the wackiest and most unforgettable dive bars in the entire world. Some of the seedy establishments are just too disgusting, while others are decent enough. Whatever the case may be, you certainly don’t get 5-star service in these places. Still, you find yourself coming back week after week. Could it be the cheap alcohol or the hilariously rowdy people that populate the room? Most likely.

If you’re a dive bar regular, here are some of the country’s most memorable:

1. Five Point Cafe


415 Cedar St
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 441-4777

Five Point Cafe

The rude and blasphemous bartenders would have a priest scurrying right back to church to get some holy water as he washes all that profanity out of his system. Nonetheless, people just keep coming back to this place. The urinals are dirty and the food too greasy. But ask a regular patron and he could care less about it. The food just tastes so good that you’d even eat the strands of hair that occasionally get stuck in it. The drinks are stiff as they are cold. It’s the perfect bar for the manly man who couldn’t care less about his surroundings just as long as his gastronomic needs are met.

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