Crack A Window For This Poor Little Guy!


Open Your Car Windows - Cujo

Here’s one dog you won’t have to worry about in the least if you leave him in your car. Even if you open up the window the entire way, no one will want to get near that scary ass looking dog in the first place. Especially if this person has ever had the pleasure of watching the movie Cujo. Just make sure you don’t open that window so much that the dog can jump out. You may end up having to rescue a poor bystander from the jaws of this beast.

If you have no choice but to bring your doggie with you to the store, remember a few rules. First, make sure you leave enough of the window open for him to have a fresh breath of air. Second, don’t take too long, he may get upset and decide to pee all over your vehicle. And third, bring him back a sumptuous treat. It’s the least you can do for having him guard all the crap you leave in your car, and for loving you too.

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