Crossing the Line: The Horrific Side of a Summer Tan

Jersey Shore guidos and guidettes started the trend. Snooki even once said that she’d rather be called orange than pale. Yup, they all love their tan even if it’s bordering on the Oompa Loompa look. Now, if Willy Wonka were actually real, he’d head over to the Shore just to get the gang to work in his candy factory.

For now, we’ve had enough of the Shore. That’s because the weather outside is still chillin’. In a few months, summer will be here and people will head over to the beach to get some sun on their white skin. There’s nothing like a natural tan. The spray counterpart is just messy. You get stains on your clothes if you’re not careful enough. Still, there are several disadvantages to frying your skin under the sun’s UV rays. But from the looks of the pictures below, these people didn’t care. The regret only came when they saw their horrible tan lines. Alas, these don’t go away overnight. It takes weeks, or even months, to finally get rid of those embarrassing marks. For now, let’s just find entertainment in their stupidity because when you see what these people have done to their bodies, you’ll think twice about sunbathing. In fact, you may just decide to go for the pale, vampire look:

1. The Human Leather

Horrific Side of a Summer Tan - The Human Leather

Every lady loves a vintage leather bag, but it seems as if this lady is actually trying to be the bag. See that kid looking at her? He’s obviously mortified by the way her skin looks. All she needs right now is a handle and a couple of pockets on her skin. Or, she could always walk to a Louis Vuitton shop and perch herself on a shelf, hoping that a customer might be blind enough to think that she can be purchased.

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