A Man’s Guide to Wearing Hosiery (Mantyhose)

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There are some fashion trends that have taken the world by storm. Bright neon colors, cropped tops, statement necklaces… When done right, these are all very comprehensible fads. And then again, there is the mantyhose. Only for the most daring of metrosexuals, this craze has been growing at an unexceptional rate. The question many are asking the creators of this preposterous fad is, “What the hell were you thinking?” Here’s a look at a man’s guide to wearing hosiery.

Not Just For the Ladies

Hosiery For Men Is Mantyhose - Not Just For the Ladies

I don’t know what’s more horrifying – the fact that this guys gut is majorly sticking out, the top siders he chose to don, or that he’s proudly showing off his mantyhose. Apparently pantyhose is no longer just for the ladies. But from the looks of this photo, they definitely aren’t for men either.

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