A Man’s Guide to Wearing Hosiery (Mantyhose)

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Hosiery For Men Is Mantyhose - The Woman Wannabe

From the looks of it, this guy doesn’t even realize that there is such a thing as mantyhose. Not only does it look like he enjoys wearing women’s pantyhose, he goes as far as to dress completely like a woman. Maybe he’s showing off how to go monochromatic with style. Unfortunately he doesn’t quite pull it off.

No matter how dapper you may think mantyhose are, the truth of the matter is they really are horrid. They belong with the likes of shoulder pads, fanny packs, fancy tracksuits and all the other horrible fads that have graced the covers of countless magazines. It really doesn’t matter who’s wearing them, there are just some things that men should never wear. And these are definitely one of them.

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