Xtreme X-rays: How Did That Get In There?!

[tps_title]Holy Headache![/tps_title]

Xtreme X-rays - Nail

How this man didn’t notice a three-inch nail being embedded into his forehead in the first place is beyond me. I’m pretty sure that when he went to the emergency room to complain about his massive headache, the last thing he was expecting to hear was that he had a rusty nail in his head. It would surely suck too if the tetanus shot he needed to get after was even more painful than the nail going in.

So the next time that you need to take a trip to the hospital to get an X-ray for one thing or another, pray they won’t find anything inconspicuous stuck in your “you-know-what”. But if you are, then just hope you won’t be publicly ridiculed on the net like the rest of these fools. And pray, too, that the ER they bring you to has the capability to get it out, and fast!

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