10 Gifts for Those Who Say They Have Everything They Need

That feeling of pride you get when you know you picked out the perfect gift is unbeatable. You get so excited for the recipient to open it up, to see all the thought you put in to make them smile.

The day has finally come. You hand her or him the neatly wrapped gift box and urge them to open it up. They carefully tear away paper, anxious to find out what sits so close in their hands.


When their eyes don’t light up and all you get is a measly “thanks”, the letdown is real. You worked so hard on that gift, and spent good money, too.

Knowing that you are giving a bad gift is rough. Giving gifts you think are great but the recipient doesn’t like is probably worse.

It’s hard to find an awesome gift that doesn’t break the bank, especially for the people who seem to be unamused with everything. You try and fail, but never seem to get it right.

Be rest assured, there is no longer a need to fear. There are so many hot, new items on the market to capture the attention of even the pickiest people who don’t want anything. Here are ten unique gifts that are sure to impress.

1. Super Sleek Fitness Tracker

Active or not, anybody would love opening up a Fitbit Alta HR or any other awesome pedometer. This fitness tracker doubles as a watch and alarm while monitoring sleep patterns and fitness goals.

The Alta HR has a thin, durable band that makes it a comfortable fit for any wrist. The OLED screen display is also bright, so it is visible in the dark.

It’s impossible to miss a call or text when this is on your wrist once it is connected to your smartphone. You can also download the mobile app to view your fitness patterns and average step goals!

Even the pickiest of people would love to rock an item as useful and stylish as this Fitbit Alta HR (or check this list for other ideas).

2. Everybody Loves a Good Board Game

Booking trips for your friends and family is expensive, but give them the next best thing with a board game. Travel across the United States with a game of Ticket to Ride!

Grab two to five friends, open up the box, and take a train from New York to California! This game of chance is exhilarating since you’ll never know where you’ll get to go.

This game will lead to countless hours of fun and friendly competition. Every time you play, it will be totally different. Many cities are present on the map so that in each game you’ll get a different destination!

This is the perfect way to please the person who is never happy with any gift. They will get to enjoy it more than once and share it, making it tons of fun!

3. Healthy and Delicious Protein Coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee? And coffee that gives you more energy and is healthier than the average cup? Even better!

With Complete Nutrition’s protein coffee, your gift’s recipient will thank you for a delicious sip that gets them through the day.

This protein coffee comes in many flavors but their Ultimate Nutrition coffee with caramel flavor is my favorite. The delicious caramel sweetness in the coffee makes it a tasty treat that has so many health benefits.

Give your picky friend a taste of 15 grams of protein, no added sugar, and caffeine equal to two espresso shots!

4. Super Soft Fleece Throw Blanket

Nobody likes to be cold, so give the gift of warmth and comfort with this snuggly sherpa blanket.

Perfect for cold winter nights by the fire or warming up from the air conditioner, this blanket can be used throughout the year and across the globe.

This can even be used as a comforter on your bed to sleep with at night! It can also be carried on that camping trip with a loved one, while you’re sitting by the fire. There are so many uses for this one blanket that it will be impossible for anyone to dislike it.

5. Reusable Water Bottle

It is uncommon to see a person that isn’t carrying around a reusable water bottle. The Kool8 reusable water bottle is the best you can buy for your typically unsatisfied friend!

In recent times, the Kool8 water bottle has gained recognition all over for a multitude of reasons. Users have only good things to say about the product as well as the company.

Everybody loves this modern, durable bottle that can carry both hot and cold beverages for hours while maintaining the proper temperature. It was rated the best water bottle in 2019!

This bottle is both good for the environment and practical. It can be used at the gym, work, for travel, and anywhere else you may find yourself!

This company gives 20% of its profits to providing clean water to regions that need it. There is no way your friend or loved one won’t love everything Kool8 offers.

6. Healthy Flavored Teas

Drinking tea is a great way to support a healthy lifestyle that everybody desires. Give your friend a healthy boost with a sampler pack of flavored teas!

Anyone of these tea flavors is a perfect way to start the day. Packed with different health benefits like immune support and different antioxidants, any flavor will get your friend feeling great.

Having tea daily is a great addition to taking multivitamins to boost healthy living. Multivitamins are beneficial for heart health and overall well-being.

Sipping tea and using healthy supplements will make anybody happy. Offering a healthy drink in the morning to wash down a multivitamin is definitely a thoughtful gift to consider.

7. Custom Designed Shirt

Give your friend something custom that he’ll never want to get rid of! With Screen Print This, you can design a shirt for less than $20 that will never fail to please.

Create your own shirt designs to fit your friend’s personality. Print it with their favorite team or memory the two of you share! He’ll appreciate the thought you put in to make him happy.

This would be a great gift for a significant other as well! Make a design with the date you met or a picture of each other. The people you love will greatly enjoy anything you design.

8. Snapshot of the Sky

Give a heartfelt gift that truly shows how much you care. At Twinkle In Time, you can create a snapshot of the sky on any date and in any location.

Input when you met or your anniversary, and the stars on that night will appear. You can also type in a custom message to put the way you feel into words that they can look at for years to come.

This is a generous way to express your love to even the pickiest of people. Anybody will be touched by this unique gift.

9. Smart Speaker

Everybody loves technology, especially technology that you can talk to! With the new Echo Dot, play music or get the weather in an instant.

This is a useful gift because of its many functions. It can make announcements to the household, set alarms and reminders, and create a shopping list for you.

Nobody would want to return a gift as practical and exciting as this. It is trendy and makes any home complete with its functionality.

10. A Classic Pair of Sneakers

Shoes are a safe gift to give because everybody needs them! With these classic white Vans, you are sure to make a lasting impression.

You can even branch out and choose a more unique color, like neon green or dark red. These are a great comfortable option to maintain a style and keep one on-trend. The laces fit snuggly to ensure they fit any foot. These will never go out of style.

Give a gift that will be sure to impress. Any of these options will make you the greatest gift-giver, even to the people that never seem to like anything.

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