10 Horror Movies to Watch this Halloween

Horror movie

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to sit down with your dearest and watch movies to scare the living hell out of you. But, it’s true there are only a handful of films that are capable of achieving this purpose. Here is the list of 10 films to binge watch and make sure you have spooked out the entire Halloween.

  1. The Fog – The Fog is a great old-fashioned ghost tale and it makes you feel the Halloween vibe. On the metropolis Centennial, the sinister truth about the wrecked ship Elizabeth Dane emerges at the side of the souls of its crewmen, and a neon blue fog rolls into the city with some very annoyed pirate ghosts in tow. It’s a sleepy, atmospheric film that embodies the spirit of a campfire ghost tale – a great spirit for any Halloween night.
  2. Sleepy Hollow – A city investigator sent to the remote town of Sleepy Hollow to research a strange arrangement of beheadings ascribed to the nearby legend of the headless horseman. Set against a forever foggy setting adorned with lanterns and contorted skeletal trees, this offers a great experience of spooky Halloween.
  3. The Conjuring – One of the best scary movies made, this is great to make your Halloween a spooky. It follows the story of two ghost investigators and a case that will make your bones chill.
  4. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari – Despite being such an old film, it promises a perfect backdrop to class up any Halloween.
  5. Planet Terror – Set in a zombie-like environment, it offers a great experience with some B-movie magic with lots of violence, mad doctors and many other things to make your Halloween great.
  6. Fright Night – At the point when a tempting and strange man moves in nearby, Charley winds up persuaded that his new neighbor is a deadly vampire and enrolls the assistance of a has-been frightfulness have, Peter Vincent, vampire seeker to enable him to dispatch of the new neighborhood hazard.
  7. The Cabin in the Woods – It is a meta-loathsomeness parody not at all like some other. Evil is released by an anonymous organization that works in mystery, offering ordinary, original penances to antiquated divine beings who will sear the earth if their bloodthirst isn’t extinguished.
  8. The Meg – If you’ve loved the classic, “Jaws’, there are chances that you will fall in love with this movie. As the shark is in this movie is a hell of a lot bigger and enough to give you those nightmares.
  9. The Slender Man – Some groups of friends want to prove that a titular character doesn’t exist, but they are proved wrong as the Slender man ends up stalking them, it offers some genuine scares which will scare the living hell out of you.
  10. Grave Hunters – This is probably the most-underrated movie on this list. A group of individuals who are making a TV show about spooky areas investigates a mental institution when things go awry. It really offers the experience you want this Halloween. Some good old scare tactics and scenes have been used in this movie which makes it a must-watch this Halloween.

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