10 Ways Students Can Spend Time On The Bus


Students tend to commute by bus all over the world. Some prefer it as a substitute to driving because it frees up time to do something that they enjoy, others might want to avail handsome student discount rates.

Do you have to travel by bus every day, for long periods of time too? Here are 10 ways you can utilize this time of yours in a productive, fun and relaxing way:

  1. Plan Ahead

Make use of the available time to create a plan, either in your mind or on a journal if you prefer, to organize things you need to do for the rest of the day or the entire week. Thinking about ways to tackle each task beforehand makes it easier when you approach it. If you need to travel elsewhere after school, you can also plan that.

  1. Read Books

Bring along a book, a digest, a magazine or a text book. Lose yourself in a fictional world, gather inspiration from an autobiography. Get to know the latest fashion trends or simply study for an upcoming exam.

  1. Feed Your Brain

Utilize this time to learn your dialogues for a school play. Mental math exercises would also go a long way. You could look at different signs and car plates for numbers and try to multiply them as quickly as you can. These small mind workouts can really affect your concentration for better.

  1. Check And Respond To Email

Catchup on your e-mails and messages and make sure you have organized and replied to all the important ones, let it be from school, work or elsewhere. Ensure timely submission of your assignments.

  1. Make New Friends

Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with fellow travelers. Meet other students. It is a great way to get to know people. And who knows, you might meet interesting people and make new friends.

  1. Write

Bring along a pencil and a book and you can make a travel log. This time can also be used to complete unfinished assignments. Write a blog from a portable device or simply jot down thoughts that seem important, make notes about things you see on the way. Write a story or think of some song lyrics.

  1. News

Bring a newspaper along. Reading the newspaper is a great way to stay updated about the current affairs. You can learn about things related to your field and job openings as well. Read the comic section or solve the crossword puzzle.

  1. Learn New Things

Need a break from staring at a text book? Use your time to learn some new skills and develop new hobbies such as learning the art of origami. Keep a Rubik’s cube, try to solve it as quickly as possible and attempt to improve your time on every turn.

  1. Sleep!

Have you been studying all night? Give your brain some rest and catch up on your sleep by passing time taking a nap. It is one of the better ways to freshen up. Taking naps might also help you focus better and be more creative.

  1. Relax

Listen to your favorite songs on your smartphone. Watch a motivational movie on your laptop or portable device, or play some games. Bring along an audio book you could listen to along the way. Watch lecture videos that might help you with your studies.

Other than these, you could always sit back and enjoy the view from the window.

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