4 Ways to Make Your Movie Blog Stand out from the Rest


Movie blogs have to be up there as some of the most fun to create.

Think about it. You get to do something you already love doing – watch movies – and then you get to tell the world about them.

Good, honest movie reviews are fairly hard to come by, so yours means a lot to the casual movie-goer.

The ugly truth is that most movie blogs don’t make enough money to be self-sufficient. They become hobbies that fall to the wayside due to lack of visible success.

It’s difficult for newer movie blogs to stand out from the crowd. Tips like the ones below can make or break your efforts to creating a lasting success.

Know Your Audience to a T

What kind of movie blog are you? Do you own a generic site that covers all types of movies, or did you niche down and focus on something like horror?

Knowing your audience is key to being able to drive the right type of traffic to it. Plus, it becomes easy to know what most of your content should be about.

If you know your audiences hopes, dreams, and fears better than they do, you’ll connect with them on a level most other bloggers can’t. That’s step one to standing out.

Research Your Competition

There is a lot of competition when it comes to movie blogs. Understanding your competitors is another important part to differentiating yourself from the pack.

Know what others in your area are posting about and brainstorm ways to do it better. Use an SEO web analyzer and tools such as Buzzsumo to find out what content performs best.

Ask people who frequent your competitor’s site what it is that makes them keep coming back. Then do it better.

Create Killer Content

If you really want to stand out, your content has to show it.

Movie reviews, tips on best theaters, and awesome deals on concession snacks. Your audience wants it all.

When it comes to the content you publish on your blog, it has to be top notch. Visitors can tell whether you’ve spent time on something, or if you simply put it out there to boost your numbers.

Be enthusiastic with your writing, or whatever medium you choose to use, and create stuff people will be dying to read.

Find Ways to Creatively Solve Problems

Other movie blogs might just provide reviews. What if yours also provided discounts to frequent movie-goers?

That would definitely get me to pay attention.

There are plenty of things for you to offer that your competitors haven’t thought of yet. Take some time to brainstorm and come up with as many as possible. Then go out and experiment.

What’s going to happen once you find something people start raving about? You’re going to stand out, and you’re going to love it.

Wrapping It All Up

Your movie blog has the potential to become something awesome.

If you want your movie blog to be more than just a journal for your favorite and least favorite movies, follow these tips to rise above your competition.

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