Golf Vacation Locations To Consider In USA

Many do not even know that there are golf vacation packages available for those that really love this experience. This is a wonderful option that allows you to stay in a truly comfortable way at a golf resort that is impressive. The sport can be played in challenging courses and you can even enjoy various extra activities that are normally included. A golf package normally costs 300 to 350 dollars and you get both golfing and room rent included in the price. If you want to have a great golfing experience, consider the following locations for your golf travel package.


Alabama stands out as a truly prime golf vacation that gives access to so many great advantages. We are faced with warm weather, many lakes, grasses, pines and a renowned hospitality. You will forget your worries and if you want to enjoy a truly wonderful golfing trail, consider Robert Trent Jones. The trail covers 10 sites and offers a really scenic golfing experience. There are so many professional golfers that come from all corners of the world to experience it. You do not have to be a player in the LPGA or have a lot of money to experience the course.


Nevada is a perfect and attractive golfing destination for all those that enjoy the sport. According to any brick and mortar or online casino, it is also a great location for gambling. The two can be combined for a memorable vacation. Las Vegas is renowned for gambling but it also offers so many golf courses to try out. Since the city features every single amenity you would want, ever since 1990 we are talking about a premier spot for golfers, with Badlands being the most popular club.


In Arizona you can find an impressive 200 golf courses. There are some that are really challenging like Padre that are preferred by the experienced players. However, others should also be considered. Be sure that you consider some of the courses that have a golf theme since they are pretty interesting but there are many traditional designs that you can enjoy too. Combine it with everything that Arizona has to offer and you will appreciate the experience.

Palm Springs

This popular California destination is a great city that is basically surrounded by over 100 golf courses. There are many LPGA and PGA events held here and you can play in most of the courses you see on TV. The entertainment opportunities available are truly interesting and if you want some golf course names to consider, think about PGA West Normal Course and Desert Dunes golf club.


As you can so easily notice, the US has some great golfing destinations for you to try out. Make sure that you learn as much as you can about them though and that you travel to those spots that seem to be the best based on your personal preference. It is basically almost impossible not to find something that will create a memorable experience. The USA is wonderful for all that love golf.

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