The Evolution of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Beer Advertising

Different countries boast of their own brands of beer. America can finally take pride of its very own Pabst Blue Ribbon. To all you who are too lazy to pronounce the entire name, it also goes by the moniker PBR. It survived competition, and now the company proudly stands tall and proud. If they can stay alive during The Prohibition, then they can survive just about anything.

The Pabst Brewing Company was wise enough to change its marketing strategies. Some of the adverts they placed were ridiculous. In fact, their efforts were sometimes entirely laughable. But hey, don’t be too quick to judge. They had to look for ways to attract customers in a time when alcohol was banned. Suffice to say, Pabst is the Al Capone of the brewing industry. They learned to sneak in ways to get alcohol inside the body. Speakeasy clubs may have even surreptitiously served bottles to their willing victims. As long as the cops didn’t catch them, then they were good as gold.

Pabst Blue Ribbon has been around since 1882. This means that the company has been around for more than a hundred years. They survived the roaring 20s, the gangster era, and a president’s assassination. More importantly, people toasted to this beer when man took his first step on the moon. So rejoice, America. You have something worth celebrating. Gather all your buds and enjoy the bittersweet taste of this beer’s froth. Take a look at how the Pabst Brewing Company survived all these years with some of its most unique advertising efforts:


Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Ads - Extract Girl

This was released at the time when drugs and alcohol were thought to be elixirs and extracts. Ask a druggie or an alcoholic, they’d probably tell you that alcohol is the best kind of medicine. Pabst Blue Ribbon could cure indigestion. Is that so? Or could it cause one if you didn’t eat enough before consuming bottles of this? But then again, you’d be too numb to even notice anything. So, in a way, it does cure digestion because you’d be too inebriated to notice that dull ache in your belly. What you’re nursing right now is the pounding headache you’ve got.


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