Best Cocktails for your Christmas Party


We know that fall is here with the leaves turning orange, the billowing winds, and warm blankets. Autumn is here, bringing with it the festive season. Be your gracious best and treat your guests to these amazing Christmas cocktails. I’m sure they will enjoy every sip of it and they will never forget these recipes.

Keep your fine collection of glasses ready on the table, call and invite your family and friends to taste the best of the cocktails that you will be preparing.

One of my favorite Christmas cocktail of the season is “Cranberry Bride”. Ingredients of this recipe are easy to find and it doesn’t take much time to make it either.


  • Cranberry Bride-
  • Cranberry juice – 3 oz
  • Vodka-2 oz
  • Coconut cream- 2 tbsp

Muddle coconut cream with ice cubes. Pour in the glass. Mix vodka and cranberry juice and stir well after pouring in glass. Garnish with mint leaves. Well that’s it you’ve just finished making a cocktail named Cranberry bride. Awesome isn’t it.

Here comes the second cocktail recipe “Marsala Dream


  • Marsala Dream-
  • Merlot wine- 2 oz
  • Raspberry juice- 3 oz
  • Sparkling water- 3 oz

A few lemon wedges and mint leaves.

Muddle lemon wedges, mint and ice cubes. Pour in merlot, raspberry juice and sparkling water in a shaker and shake well. Pour into glasses and decorate with a lemon wedge. Wow, you’ve just done with the second cocktail recipe, the aroma of mint leaves will make you drink more and more.

My recipes don’t end up here, it was just the beginning, here comes the next cocktail is Sparkling Peach.


Sparkling rose wine- 2 oz

Peach juice- 4 oz

2 tea bags

Aah, tea bags, how can we forget that the aroma of tea leaves. Brew a strong tea without milk in a cup and allow to cool. Pour the sparkling rose wine, peach juice and tea in a shaker. Put some ice cubes and shake it well. Serve in tall glasses and yup your third cocktail recipe is done.

The party never finishes with the flavor of these cocktails, these cocktails create energy, ignite the power of love, you will never feel intoxicated but you would want them more. No matter how long you stay in the party but these cocktails will keep the mood of the party alive. These cocktails will influence others to share these secret recipes. They just don’t sound mouthwatering to you but I would want you to try these recipes today.

The final cocktail recipe is Purple Galaxy


Vodka- 2 oz

Blue Curacao- 1/2 oz

Cranberry juice- 2 oz

Lime juice- 2 tbsp

Mix the vodka, cranberry juice, lime juice and a splash of blue Curacao in a shaker with some ice cubes. Pour in a martini glass and serve with a lemon slice.

These are not just simple cocktail recipes but the ones consumed by the people in the richest and finest joints and restaurants across Europe and India.

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