The Demystification of Purple Drank

[tps_title]How to Get Your Own Bottle[/tps_title]

Purple Drank - How to Get Your Own Bottle

You’d think that because all you need is a bottle of cough syrup, you can easily get word from the dirty streets. Well, unless you do have the money, purple drank is going to cost you. Dig deep because you can’t get the ingredients from your friendly neighborhood pharmacy. Unless you know of a shady doctor or you’re actually licensed to release prescription meds, you need to know the right people. How much will it cost you? Just ask Three 6 Mafia Lil’ Flip or listen to their hit, Rainbow Colors. The price could range anywhere from $120 for an eighth or $240 for a whole pint. Artists certainly don’t have problems coming up with the cash, but an everyday Joe would be hard-pressed for his very own supply.

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