Why Grown Men Should Never Use Emoticons

Some people just can’t write. They’d rather express themselves through art. Unfortunately, you don’t have computer keys to do everything you want. Hence, this is where emoticons come in handy.

You don’t like to say much. In fact, you’re a firm believer that pictures are worth a thousand words. So, why go through the arduous task of pressing the letters of the alphabet when you can just use the emoticons. For the true adults in this contemporary world, this is a pain in the ass. You’re talking to a grown man who uses smileys to show you how he feels. This brings you back to grade school. You’re back to those stick figures that say a lot and nothing at the same time.

It’s time to bring out the Shakespeare in you. Women don’t appreciate men who use emoticons. Emoticons! This is the word equivalent of a mongrel. It combines emotions and icons, and suddenly you have a whole new word, one that wasn’t found in the dictionary twenty years ago. Well, you can certainly lay the blame on cellular phones. The lazy ones didn’t like to say much. So, they came up with childish artworks to send their messages across.

If you want to be respected as an adult and as a man, get rid of those emoticons. There are several reasons why you should take this word out of your personal dictionary:

1. It makes you look like an adolescent in social networking sites and applications such as Skype, Twitter, and yes, even Facebook.

Why Grown Men Should Never Use Emoticons - Like An Adolescent

Hey, you’re way past your 20s. You aren’t even from this generation. In fact, Generation X is much cooler than this space age generation that we have now. If you still like using emoticons, then you might as well start wearing a Jonas Brothers or One Direction shirt whenever you leave home. The teens today are obviously excused, but you, well, let’s just say that you need to stop holding on to youth. Youth has let go of you a long time ago and it’s time that you say goodbye to it as well.

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