3 Ways to Know through their Body Language if Someone Likes You

You have been talking to someone, hanging out with them, and soon you feel attracted to them. With this going about in your head, you always wonder and think if the other person feels the same way. One is often scared to ask or interpret the feeling, not sure if the other person would reciprocate the same. At times, you are so confused and fear that if you do tell the person that you like and they don’t share the same feelings, things could get awkward between you. It could end friendships, you might never talk again, and of course, sometimes things could be positive, and you might get to know each other better as well. 

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The best way to know if someone feels the same way about you or not is to analyze their body language. Sometimes words and feelings can be covered up, but your body language depicts what you feel. 

These are three subconscious ways of your body, stating what you feel:

  1. Eye Contact – Observe the eyes they are the windows to the soul. They depict more than one lets on, a silent mode of communication. First, if you keep stealing glances at each other, every time you look at the person, and they are watching you too, it shows they find you attractive. Yes, you might say its a coincidence, but if it happens a couple of times it is way past accident. Some shy individuals would also look and turn away, and not once but a couple of times. Another thing to notice and observe is if their eyes get diluted when they talk to you. 
  1. Inward leaning – while talking to you is the partner engaged in the conversation are they meaning to speak to you. One way to find out is by keeping a close eye on their body. If you are engaging in a conversation, notice if the person’s body is leaning inwards, it will look like their body’s attention is on you too. Another give away that you have to focus on are the person’s feet if they are facing you that means they want to continue having a conversation with you, if not they want this conversation to end as soon as possible. 
  1. Mirroring and closeness – Notice if the other person copies your body language, this might mean that they are observing your move and also shows that they are interested in talking to you and build a rapport. While mirroring, they would also try to break barriers or obstacles to come close to you. By this, it could be moving a chair to come to sit near you. 

Final Thought 

These are non-verbal forms of communication, there are many more, but these are the basic ones. Do remember that this doesn’t necessarily mean they like you, they might say they want to have a conversation or find you intriguing. Also, you could showcase these body language to communicate that you like them. 

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