Reasons Why Rum is Good for Your Health

Reasons Why Rum is Good for Your Health

Rum fanatics are hard to come by. Nobody brags about loving rum. Everyone loves it now and then, though. You may even add it to some of your recipes, especially holiday ones. Did you know that it comes with a lot of health benefits?

Rum is an alcoholic drink produced by fermentation of sugarcane juice or molasses. It is the first branded spirit ever made. It is extensively produced and consumed worldwide. Its color signifies its age and it is produced and available in various varieties. It is used in cocktails and desserts. Here are some of the benefits of consuming rum, other than the taste, that is.

Rum Helps Reduce Anxiety

Rum is known to be a sleeping aid, which works well in reducing anxiety. Even a single serving of 1.5 ounces is said to be enough. It calms you down and gives you a good night’s sleep.

Rum Prevents Common Cold

Rum has been used to treat common cold for ages now. Its anti-microbial properties diminish the effect of the cold. When taken in moderation during cold weather, you can curb the onset of the common cold. It gives a warm, soothing feeling to a person suffering from cold.

Rum Promotes Heart Health

Studies show that rum combats peripheral artery diseases. This happens because rum prevents the formation of blocks in blood vessels. So, it restricts artery blockages and is also a natural blood thinner. It also increases the content of HDL cholesterol, which is a good one. This also prevents heart attacks caused by artery blockages.

Rum Decreases Muscle Pain

If you suffer from intermittent claudication, then you can benefit from rum consumption. Claudication, basically muscle pain, is a condition in which cramping pain in the leg – typically caused by obstruction of the arteries – is induced by exercise.

As we talked about earlier, rum stops artery blockages. It also offers relief from cramping pain in the leg and also reduces muscle pain.

Rum Strengthens Bones

Rum increases the mineral density of the bones. This helps to keep problems like osteoporosis at bay.

Rum Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Rum is said to be able to slow or even prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s and may also slow down the onset of dementia. It is not only good for your body, but also for your brain.

Final Thoughts

Having said that, do not go chugging down rum like there is no tomorrow. Anything taken more than necessary can be harmful. It is only helpful and will only help you when taken in moderate quantities. So just because you now know that rum can help prevent a lot of life-threatening mental and physical diseases, it does not mean you can go gaga with the drinks. Remember to only drink in moderate quantities!

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