Dates That Will Put You In The Friend Zone

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Dating in the modern world is quite daunting. Unlike olden times where chivalry was key – properly courting a lady, opening carriage doors, bringing her roses  – these rules were easy to follow. Nowadays, the guidelines couldn’t be any more different than their early origins. We’re lucky that so much time has passed since the eighteenth century. These days, there aren’t as many customs to follow. You just want to make sure that you don’t end up in the “Friend Zone” – being seen as the friend and not the hopeful boyfriend. So if you at least want the possibility of sex on the third date, make sure not to do any of the following on your night out. Here are six dates that will ultimately put you in the friend zone:

Lunch Date

Dates That Will Put You In The Friend Zone - Lunch Date

Nothing is sexier than having a hot night out. What’s not sexy is having a first date during the day. I mean seriously, lunch? Unless you’ve gone out a few times already, noontime dates should be non-existent. Girls will see it as something so friendly that she’ll immediately associate you with just some guy she can hang out with during the day. And what you really want is to be seen as someone she can shag way, way into the night.

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