Dates That Will Put You In The Friend Zone

Dating in the modern world is quite daunting. Unlike olden times where chivalry was key – properly courting a lady, opening carriage doors, bringing her roses  – these rules were easy to follow. Nowadays, the guidelines couldn’t be any more different than their early origins. We’re lucky that so much time has passed since the eighteenth century. These days, there aren’t as many customs to follow. You just want to make sure that you don’t end up in the “Friend Zone” – being seen as the friend and not the hopeful boyfriend. So if you at least want the possibility of sex on the third date, make sure not to do any of the following on your night out. Here are six dates that will ultimately put you in the friend zone:

Lunch Date

Dates That Will Put You In The Friend Zone - Lunch Date

Nothing is sexier than having a hot night out. What’s not sexy is having a first date during the day. I mean seriously, lunch? Unless you’ve gone out a few times already, noontime dates should be non-existent. Girls will see it as something so friendly that she’ll immediately associate you with just some guy she can hang out with during the day. And what you really want is to be seen as someone she can shag way, way into the night.

Rebound Date

Dates That Will Put You In The Friend Zone - Rebound Date

You know you’re in trouble when you go on a first date with someone and they’re trying really hard to get over someone else. In the back of your head, you’re probably hoping that she’ll at least want to sleep with you. At least, that’s the reason you agreed to go on the date in the first place, right? Well, aside from the fact that you haven’t dated anyone in about three years. But once you become that shoulder to cry on, instead of the one making her cry out in ecstasy, you’ve definitely made it to the friend zone.

Gym Date

Dates That Will Put You In The Friend Zone - Gym Date

Everybody knows that the gym is probably one of the most common places people meet their respective partners. Sweat, testosterone, endorphins and the like all mingle together to create a great atmosphere with a promise of what things could be like inside the confines of four walls. But using it as a venue for a date can really go two ways. Either she’ll be scantily-clad, rosy-cheeked and ready to show you her strength as a preview of what could be in the bedroom. But if she’s dressed in sweats, openly ogles the other men that are working out, and she doesn’t care to look like a drenched cat, then maybe she‘s really not the one for you. She probably would prefer that you be her wingman and not her sweat-induced sex partner.

Group Date

Dates That Will Put You In The Friend Zone - Group Date

Going on group dates can definitely take the pressure off. Being surrounded by other people, having friends to chat you up and basically being relaxed in a “could be really uncomfortable” experience can unquestionably help. Of course, without the intimate setting of just two-on-two, the promise of a relationship is pretty much out the window. Plus, there is a chance that she may find someone else more attractive than you, or she may feel that you’re either ignoring her or you don’t care to get to know her better. Whatever the case may be, going on a date with more than one person is pretty much just setting yourself up for disaster. The next time you ask a girl out, remember what you want your future to look like. And unless you’re both into orgies, then make sure you keep it tête-à-tête.

Meet The Parents Date

Dates That Will Put You In The Friend Zone - Meet The Parents Date

If you’re one of those guys who still lives with his folks, then bringing a girl home for a first date is potentially the worst thing you can do. Fine, you have no money so getting a meal at home is the most ideal. Having your date see your mom doing your laundry though will put you almost instantaneously in the “friend zone”. Period. Not only will she get a glimpse of her future mother-in-law, she’ll get a clear picture of what you’ll also be expecting her to do for the rest of her sad, unhappy life.

Going Dutch Date

Dates That Will Put You In The Friend Zone - Going Dutch Date

With feminism and the modern woman so inclined to stand out in today’s world, men have confused empowerment to mean the same thing as zero romance. Just because the female gender wants to be seen eye-to-eye in a man’s world doesn’t mean that they no longer want to feel cherished and appreciated. And what’s the number one way of doing exactly this? Going Dutch on a date. She’ll either think you have no money or that you’re just cheap. Regardless of whichever it is, they’re both not good, and there will be no way she’ll be able to picture a future with you. So if you want the possibility of tomorrow, you better be ready to share the wealth, or at least a few bucks.

When the time comes that you get the actual chance to invite a girl out, make sure you take the precautionary steps to make the night a success. Avoid the daytime, don’t bring her home if you still live with your folks, and be sure to pay for dinner. Suffice to say that if the connection’s there, she’ll be sure to let you know. And if it’s not, then maybe you’ll have made a good friend. At least you’ll no longer be the loser who hasn’t been on an actual date in a really long time.

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