Things Never to Say in a Relationship


Words are powerful. They have such strength that they can make your relation as well as break it. This is why, it is always advised that you measure them before you let them roll out. However, it is always possible to control your words? Well, the trick that you need to follow is that you should never think on those lines in first place. Read ahead to know about a few things that you should never say in your relationship. If you ever say it, apologize at that very moment and ensure that you never repeat it, ever!

  1. My friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend is better: This definitely has to be the first thing on our list. You see, it is true that you will always come across better people in life. This is because no one is perfect. But, when you choose to be in a relationship with someone and love them with all your heart, then you should never compare them with anyone else. On the contrary, you should feel that they are the best for you and try to balance out their flaws. A relationship always needs two people to work on each other’s strengths.
  2. You are over-reacting: Secondly, you should never blame your partner in such a manner. You see, they just care for you and that is why they have certain expectation from you and for you. in fact, there are multiple things that go on in people’s lives. This is why you should take time off and try to figure out what is bothering your partner instead of blaming him or her that they are over-reacting. Remember, your role in their life is to support them. Help them to let go of stress and not actually add to the mess.
  3. I will breakup with you if you ever do this: Never say this. NEVER! This means that there is a possibility that you can breakup with your partner. It is one of worst things you can ever say. It makes them feel so little about themselves. You are not perfect either but they never said that they would leave you. Also, if you can say it, then you can do it. This is why always mind your tongue here. In case you mess up, apologize that very moment and make them feel special by actually telling them that you love them the most and did not mean to hurt them ever. A simple “sorry” can mend so much.
  4. I do not like your family and friends: Last but definitely not the least, do not say that you do not like his or her friends and family. They came into your partner’s life way before you did. It is obvious that people have individual differences and varying opinions. This is where your work is to be able to find common ground and try to be friendly even with those you do not approve of. If you want a long-term relationship, then you need to accept not just your partner but all those who are in his life and matter to him.

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