4 Ways to Have an Incredible Night Out With a Party Bus Rental

Party Bus

Going out for the weekend and cutting loose with your friends is always a fun time. At the end of a hard week, who wants to do anything but blow off some steam? Falling into the habit of going to the same bar at the same time every week isn’t as much fun, though. Even your friends might be bored with following the same routine every Friday. What if you could offer something new and exciting the next time someone asks “What are you doing this weekend?”

With a party bus rental service like those provided by STL Road Pony, a world of opportunity appears. Suddenly you have the chance to transform your weekend partying into an experience. Best of all, the spacious bus interiors let you bring along plenty of friends. Whether you want a dance party under the blacklight or a more relaxed atmosphere is up to you. Take a moment to consider all the different ways a party bus could push your weekend to the next level.

  1. Go on a bar crawl where the party never stops. Since you have the chance to plan your route beforehand, pick one that hits all the best local spots. With mobile apps like Discotech, it’s easy to find the hottest bars and clubs. Since party buses are often BYOB, you don’t need to stop the fun while you travel to your next bar. At the same time, a party bus allows you to relax between pubs. No need to worry about anyone getting behind the wheel totally drunk. Instead, you can just keep the party going to the next level as you and your group sample the best of your city.
  1. Get the evening started right with stylish transportation to and from another venue. Sometimes making a big entrance is important. Rolling up to an event with your group in a party bus certainly makes a statement. Not to mention you will have the chance to “pre-game” a little bit before you arrive. When you want to loosen up and start the evening with a healthy buzz, this is the way to do it. Whether you’re heading to a concert, a big sporting event, or another celebration, a party bus rental offers a safe and fun way to get there.
  1. Take a scenic route and party around town on the bus. Who says that you need to go any place specific? Part of the fun of renting a party bus is the ability to plan your route. If you just want to BYOB and see the sights while hanging with your friends, you can! The driver’s job is to take wherever you like within the company’s operational area. If all you want is to cruise around town playing drinking games with your group, why not go for it? Your friends are sure to appreciate the chance to come along and have a fantastic time.
  1. Make it a part of an unforgettable birthday bash. Now here’s an opportunity to do something exciting and new. Are you or a close friend celebrating a birthday soon? Combining several of the above ideas can equal a unique celebration. Birthdays aren’t the only possibility either. Is your best friend getting married soon? Surprise him with a bachelor party in an STL Road Pony party bus! With comfy seats and powerful sound systems, they’re the perfect mobile platform for a guy’s night out he’ll always remember.

These are just a few of the possibilities when it comes to enjoying a bus rental. Give some thought to this exciting way to shake up your usual weekend plans. Consider getting your friends together to pitch in to cover the cost. Once they hear how awesome the experience is, you’ll have your gang together in no time. Of course, don’t forget to research party bus rentals to help understand everything involved. You’ll want to plan for everything from the music to the beverages you’ll bring. Once you’ve put down a deposit and planned a route, though, it’s time to get excited. What will you do with your time on the bus?

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