5 Common Mistakes we are Making Everyday

Tv watching

All of us unknowingly end up making silly mistakes in our everyday life and that takes a toll on our well being one way or the other. The fact to the situation is that this can be totally avoided, once you realize the mistake you have made. So, what are the common mistakes that you might be making and how to avoid them.

Sitting posture

Whether watching TV or sitting on your office chair, our posture is the most neglected matter and we keep moving ourselves till we are stuck with stiff shoulders or back pain. Even though you may be stuck with a routine that needs long hours of continuous sitting, nobody has stopped you in sitting erect. Back pain problems can be easily avoided and that Move can be pushed aside by just picking a right chair and maintaining the correct posture.

Lack of exercise

The name of exercise always makes us super busy. Even if the routine demands just 10 minutes daily, you are not going to have it. In our minds if we can manage to diet and stay thin, why exercise? But exercise and diet must go parallelly and doing one without the other is not going to give us any benefit. Further, exercise is a way of keeping your body toned and muscles moving. So, yes don’t make this common mistake of ignoring exercise and go for a simple and easy to do exercise routine every day.

Thinking rummy as gambling

Rummy game is a skill-based game, but it is not gambling. There is no element of chance in this game and nor is it illegal. In fact, you need to think fast and use your analytical skills if you want to win. Even the Honorable Supreme Court of India has given a clean chit to this game. So, if you want to try rummy game, just download the Indian rummy app and get started. You can enjoy practice games and once confident, participate in tournaments and win real money as well. If you want to learn rummy, you can browse an in-depth guide here: How to Play Rummy Game

Buying everyday devices on EMI

Smartphones to TVs, there seems to be EMIs available for everything. But do you really need to buy this on EMI. Everyday use electronics and devices are depreciating assets and are a source of entertainment and comfort. Rather than getting weighed down by unnecessary EMIs, it is best to buy in your budget and avoid overspending. Even the lowest cost EMIs have hidden charges and that can dig a hole in your pocket.

Worry about things we have already lost

The human mind tilts over things that they have lost rather than won. Whether it is the loss of time, money, job or a situation, the fact remains that it is done. No matter how much you worry or brood over it, the time will not come back. Rather, focus on the better things of life and that will give you the opportunity to move ahead with confidence and a new aim.

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