5 Reasons Why Online Gamers Need slotsplaycasinos.com

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slotsplaycasinos.com Has Its Finger on the Online Gaming Pulse

It’s always a good idea to seek out expert advice before making a big financial move such as buying a house or a new car or starting up a business.  We also go to people who review restaurants, movies, and books for a living to get their expert opinion.  Online casinos are related both to financial moves and to restaurants, books, and movies: they are both entertainments and investments of a sort.  So, we recommend you go to the newest expert site for prospective and veteran online gamers: slotsplaycasinos.com.

Here are 5 reasons Slots Play Casinos is possibly the ideal advocate site for you:

  • Slots Play Casinos is run by people with over 100 years cumulative experience in online gaming.
  • The people at Slots Play Casinos have experience from every angle in the online casino industry.  This means as both casino operators and as watchdogs.
  • slotsplaycasinos.com is run by people who believe in responsible gaming above all else.
  • Slots Play Casinos sees itself as a consumer advocate rather than as an industry promoter.
  • While Slots Play Casinos recommends some casinos, they also recognize the need to be especially vigilant with regard to those casinos.

Why Slots Play?

We call ourselves Slots Play Casinos because most gamers play slots online above all other games combined.  As experienced online casino industry people, we feel confident that we recommend a true variety of casinos that feature an eclectic range of slots games from several game developers.

The people on our team who worked in casino operation are not the same as those who worked as watchdogs.  These two sets of industry people come together on our site to help you wend your way through the thick forest of thousands of online casinos, 150 or more game providers, numerous banking methods and more.

All of our recommended casinos offer instant play so you can save space on your hard drive and can easily play games from all our selected casinos.


One of the top features of slots play online is free spins.  This is the most popular slots casino bonus.  Free spins means that you play and can win with the casino’s own money.

A very popular slots casino bonus comes in the welcome package in the form of either a no deposit bonus of free spins or a deposit bonus that includes as many as 50 free spins.

VIP Club

We believe that combining the ideas behind responsible gaming and high roller bonus offers means that only true high rollers, those who can easily afford making high casino bets, should be afforded VIP status.  The casinos we recommend are very vigilant in determining that any gamer showing high roller tendencies or simply betting more than he or she can ostensibly afford should be flagged in a friendly way.

A true high roller will be asked to join the VIP Club.  A problem gambler will be offered help in dealing with his or her addiction.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming is a catch-all term that includes fair gaming practices with safe and fair banking practices.  There are other industry watchdogs that audit casinos along these parameters.  We watch the watchdogs and the casinos alike.

Fair game play means a working Random Number Generator (RNG) that works exactly as planned: to randomly determine the outcome of any hand or spin.  The payout rate is set in advance.  It should be at least 96% for all games taken together.

You can see why we call online gaming a form of entertainment.  And with such a high return to player rate, it only takes a little luck to end up a gaming session on the winning side, sometimes for a large sum of money.

A casino that offers progressive jackpots or even non-progressive jackpots for very large sums must be financed to be able to pay out the winnings.  Because of the RNG, two such jackpots can be won in rapid succession. It is our responsibility to warn you of an online casino that is not sufficiently capitalized.

A Responsible Industry Watchdog

Please visit slotsplaycasinos.com often.  We’ll do our best to serve you, the gaming public.

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