5 Things You Must Know about Dating a Slavic Girl

GirlThose mysterious Slavic girls, how many myths and facts about them you must have heard! We all know about their beauty, faithfulness, and femininity. However, this description is really vague and lacks details, not to mention practical advice. Along with our peers from Romance Compass, we will try to explain some aspects of wooing a Slavic woman, so read on!

  1. They want you to be honest

First, do not lie about yourself. Even if you are convinced you are not cool for some reason, this is probably just an illusion. Who said Russian and Ukrainian women seek alpha-men only? Yes, they attempt to feel protected and adored, but discovering your true nature is more important for them. That is why you must always remain who you are and present yourself in a positive way.

  1. It is quite easy to impress them

Good news: Slavic girls are not capricious. We do not say that there are no greedy cheaters among them, but most girls like to feel needed and your attention is basically all they long for. A simple but precious and meaningful gift or any romantic stuff like flowers, poetry, and walking under the moon will cheer them up more than large diamonds or luxury hotels. On the contrary, expensive presents and fancy places can be anxiety-provoking for a Slavic girl. Make it simple and without excessive overwhelming actions.

  1. It is expected of you to be gallant

Not only at the earliest stages of your relationship but always. As you might know, Slavic nations share traditional views of what masculinity and femininity are. Make her feel like she is a queen! Hold doors for her, talk about her beauty and her amazing inner world, confess your love etc. And, of course, express your feelings by deeds. You should also bear in mind that these precious creatures do not like to be complimented too much. It makes them feel shy.

  1. Actually, you should not make them like you

Yeah, another weird part of Slavic culture. When you meet a girl who makes your heart melt, do not be too fast trying to amaze her. You know, Pushkin (the greatest Russian poet of all times) said that a man showing less love to a woman could awake her keen interest in him. Russians have their own techniques for showing appreciation. Make sure a girl knows about your feelings in the most delicate and sophisticated way – through your respectful approach towards her.

  1. There are no universal ways to win a Slavic girl`s heart

Every woman is an individual, no matter which culture she belongs to. Here we have described some Russian and Ukrainian dating trends and common peculiarities that you must be aware of. As in any relationship, you must excite a woman by using your imagination. Keep in mind that Russians are greatly different from Americans or Western Europeans though. If you are looking for a soulmate from this country, we advise you to do kind of a research to know more about their mentality. You can check results on different dating sites like Victoria Hearts dating site review. In addition, your awareness of Slavic cultural peculiarities will be overly attractive for women.

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