7 Comedy Movies you must Watch

Comedy movieLaughter is the best medicine. Well, all of us know this saying very well and in fact, we would agree too. Laughter is an essential necessity of one’s life. The energy bar for one’s mental health is all smiles and laughter. Comedy movies can contribute to your energy bar. A little hilarity, slapstick and intense comedy can brighten your day ten-fold. A bad at work, here comes to the rescue, the comedy films.


While we spoke about intense comedy, tragicomedy falls under it too. Released in 2018, a new film releases and a comeback of Sally Potter since her first film of Ginger & Rosa, this movie is all about a crazy dinner party filled with comical situations and satire.


A 2017 release, this movie is set in the 90s where the focus is on relationships of different people. The setting has everything from floppy discs to pay phones, a rebellious high school teen dating and trying various stuff, her sister, a bride in between a mess of old flames, a mother who is trying to sort every single mess created by her family and the father, a struggling playwright who may have cheated on his wife. A comedy with enough drama, it is got to be watched.


Julia Roberts, everyone’s favourite is starred in this popular movie. A clever, romantic and funny movie, it was released in 1998. The first half is casual and funny and even more so, charming. A must watch, the softness of the characters with the appeal and gentle comedy, it has been a constant hit all these years.


Who doesn’t love dogs? 101 Dalmations is a heartwarming movie with loving and cute comedy. Here’s another dog movie released in 2018, it is about a boy and a dog but the story is not clichéd. You would expect to see the growth of the puppy to a dog and its relationship with the boy. But here, with the help of stop-motion animation, and anthropomorphic pups whose voices are dubbed by some of the industry’s best like Bill Murray, Byan Cranston and Live Schreiber, the movie catches one’s attention for a good movie.


Another 2017 movie, the storyline is around a wild trip taken by four friends in New Orleans. A lot of drama, a lot of comedy and one of the comfort movies for a happy ending, it has to be watched by an 18+ audience.


This 1984 movie portrays comedy through special effects. It is a very popular movie starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis who play the roles of ex-scientists presently supernatural investigators. A benchmark of comedy movies then and of the 80s, it is a charming movie that holds your attention right on the screen.


This movie contains idiosyncratic comedy, loose plot and needs to be watched carefully to actually appreciate the film. But to get a taste of Wes Anderson’s films, this one is the catch. The movie revolves around an underachiever (Jason Schwartzman) and his friend, an industrialist (Bill Murray) who fall in love with the same woman.

Humour is appreciated in all forms. Some even have the ability to extract comedy from any kind of situation. Humour is an accessible and valuable resource. Watch comedy and laugh more!

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