7 GIF Jokes Only Students Will Understand

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Going to college is tough and all students have something they can relate to with one another. Despite the hardships, everyone can use a little joke to get through a day as a student. Here are some of them only a student would get!

  1. “Your idea of feeding the poor is buying yourself some ramen noodles.”

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As a college student, you are not unfamiliar with having an empty wallet. Transportation needs, tuition, supplies, books, fees, and more drain your bank! One way many students save some cash is by living off a cheap meal and nothing gets cheaper than a $0.98 cup of ramen noodles!

  1. “Going to the library is a social event.”


Between classes, assignment due dates, working, studying, and trying to get the laundry done, there’s no time for going out with friends. It seems like the only time you get to socialize is when you go to the library for a group study or to get a book!

  1. “You pay over $100 for a book you read once and get $10 when you return it four months later.”

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New college books are $100+ dollars that many students, at least, partially pay for out of their own pockets. However, there is a book buyback day at campus, right? There is if you don’t mind getting a fraction of the cost back! If only there was more time to read it so you could, at least, feel like you got your money’s worth.

  1. “When You finish an exam and your friends are arguing if the answer was 85 or 90 but what you got was 3.”

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All students have had, at least, one incident where they overhear friends or other students arguing about a test question and come to a horrifying realization – the answer they chose was way off! What are you on, crazy pills?

  1. “When the teacher starts randomly calling on people for answers and you didn’t do the reading.”


Ever had one of the instances where you thought you would just “wing it”? This thought is a common mental crutch for students, especially when it comes to time-consuming reading assignments – until the teacher starts asking questions! If you don’t make an eye contact, maybe you won’t get picked.

  1. “The dread of having a paper due and you realize you didn’t bother to do any of it.”

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You are not a real college student until experiencing the feeling of having a paper due that you haven’t even started on yet. Whether you thought you wouldn’t care about skipping one assignment or completely forgot about it, you are going to be asking why you put yourself in a pickle!

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  1. “It takes magic to stay awake during a lecture.”

There has never been a student to not fall asleep, or almost, during a lecture! Keeping yourself awake is a magical talent.

It’s hard being a student but sometimes a little humor can help giggle the stress away!

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