7 Worst Jobs in the World

Life Risk

So you think your hedge fund job is annoying? Going to the office everyday taking a toll on you? I assure you that no matter what, you have a great job. How can I say it with such conviction? Well, I compiled this list. After you go through this list of the wackiest, weirdest (and frankly speaking, highly disturbing) jobs, you will definitely think that you’ve got the best job ever.

  1. Is it a boy or a girl?

Large commercial hatcheries actually hire people to identify the gender of hatched chicks! So basically, a person doing this spends his or her days blowing over chicken fluff and trying to find out their miniscule, ahem, machinery. And how they do it? Well, they wait until the chick pees, and then they take a long look.

  1. Boot cleaners? Boring. Now I introduce…

…The ear cleaners of India! No kidding here. There are professional ear cleaners who profess to clean every speck of wax and dirt from one’s ears with a pair of forceps and a needle topped with cotton-kind of like a very, very dangerous Q-tip. One wrong move and that’s it-you’ll be rendered eardrum-less.

  1. And you thought only humans watched porn.

Animals do too, you know. Panda bears, to be specific. In fact, they watch the live action stuff. Since Pandas are a dwindling species, AND are extremely lethargic to the point of even not wanting to have sex (!!!), the animal handlers often have to resort to, well, turning on the bears by making them watch pornographic videos and even using Viagra.

  1. The pushy people.

Yep. This bunch is actually paid to be pushy. Literally, pushy. In japan, metro trains are so crowded that there are people who are hired to push people into the trains so that the doors can close. Things can get rough sometimes if the wrong body part is being pushed and shoved and elbowed. Then the pusher could end up with a black eye or a bloody nose. Push at your own peril, my friend.

  1. The James Bond way.

Nah. Exaggeration. But still. Ever since the advent of the one-day-even-next-day-odd number plated cars being allowed on the roads, people in Iran have begun hiring ‘the shadow folk’ who basically just dawdle around and hide the offending number plate from the sight of the authorities. A boring job, got to say. Hide the number plates of a Merc or Jag while you ride a little bike yourself. Meh. Not worth it.

  1. And for the bold soul…

…Snake milking. Shivers, right? Well, there are people who catch and milk snakes for venom, which is used to produce anti venom later on. They press on the snake’s head and expose their stiletto fangs, then milk the venom out. NOT your average job.

  1. Are you a foodie? Well, this is just next level.

There are people who actually test the palatability of pet food! So the pooches and pussies (no pun intended, please) can enjoy a gourmet meal, there are people who actually taste pet food. Or as they think of it, just food.

Yep. So jobs can get this disturbing in nature. So I don’t think you’ll ever be complaining about your average 9-to-5 job ever again. Unless you actually want to take a bold step in life and try out one of the above weird, wacky jobs. Just for kicks, you know. But pushing people into trains and milking a snake has a FAIR number of risks. And that’s the understatement of the century. But, it might also be fun!

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