What Does It Mean When Guys Says He Misses You?

Miss someone

We all been there, watching a bad movie alone a friday evening because we’re feeling too tired to do anything else. In hopes of getting some joy into our evening we pick up our phone and throw away the I miss you text.

The question is: how genuine is it really? Do we actually miss them or are we only feeling alone?

It definitely depends on the person and what we really feel for them. But the interesting question here is: would we miss them if we would have a good time?

I guess it’s hard to miss someone at the same time your having the time of your life. At the same time, it’s most likely to miss someone when we’re feeling low or alone. But do we miss them because we feel alone or because they are an amazing person?

It’s a bit of an philosophical dilemma like the saying: which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Dating coach Patric Tarnhamn mentions what it means when a guy say he misses you on his blog and breaks down five different explanations for why someone would say “i miss you”.

Here are the reason for why a guy would say I miss you mentioned in the post:

  1. He utterly and completely does miss you
  2. It’s all a bold-faced lie
  3. It’s a late-night fix
  4. It’s a manipulative trap
  5. He misses the idea of you!

You might feel guilty for several of these to some extent, but as with most things in life, it’s not either black or white. Just because you happen to increase your chances for a late night fix at the same time you really do miss that person, does it make it bad?

I leave that up to you to decide.

One truth I will agree with is that there is many different reasons for why we think of someone in a longing way in there absence.


Sometimes we miss because we adore the other person, sometimes we miss them more because we want comfort and security. I think saying I miss you comes with a responsibility, you should think twice before you say it to make sure it’s genuine. This will be good for developing better mental awareness at the time time you avoid confusing your emotions.

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