8 Healthy Reasons Why you Should Eat more Chocolate

Benefits of eating chocolate

Chocolate does more than satisfy a sugar craving. As a matter of fact, it offers amazing health benefits to the human body. Not all chocolate is created equal, as some varieties such as white or milk contain a lot of sugar or fat; dark varieties contain the most antioxidants and beneficial properties. The next time you have a craving for a piece of chocolate, do not suppress it! Grab the nearest chocolate bar, My M&Ms, or chocolate cookie, and start noshing to reap the benefits.

1. Fights Dementia

The cocoa in chocolate has proven to be successful in warding off dementia. Research has found that attention and processing speeds were improved when individuals consumed chocolate, as well as increasing blood flow to the brain. It is advised though that the darker the chocolate you eat the better compared to other varieties, as dark chocolate is a good source of flavanols.

2. Prevents Wrinkles

Move over anti-aging creams because chocolate is the new wrinkle prevention method. The antioxidants found in chocolate protect the skin from free radical damage that causes wrinkles and fine lines to develop on the skin, particularly the face. There are even chocolate face masks available on the market that you can use to combat wrinkles with.

3. Aids in Pregnancy

Pregnant women may crave chocolate more than women who are not, but they have good reason to ensure they feed their craving! Consuming enough chocolate during pregnancy can help prevent preeclampsia, which is high blood pressure, from occurring. Additionally, chocolate is helpful in fetus growth.

4. Energy Boost

Move over caffeine or energy drink because chocolate has the ability to boost energy levels. It is important to nosh on only a small piece because of the high fat content, as well as avoid sugary milk or white chocolate. Dark chocolate has the powerful ability to fuel muscles with oxygen so that they can go further and faster.

5. Helps with Weight Loss

Yes, you read that right. Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, helps in weight loss due to its flavonoid contents. Dark chocolate actually suppresses cravings by controlling blood sugar levels, which means you can enjoy chocolate and still lose weight.

6. Cancer Prevention

Chocolate can be a helpful tool in cancer prevention thanks to its antioxidants known as flavanols. The flavanols reduce inflammation, prevent DNA damage, and impede cell proliferation which are all important when it comes to combating cancer.

7. Health Heart

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, promotes a healthy heart when eaten in moderation. Dark chocolate improves blood circulation to the heart, it also provides antioxidants to keep it strong and healthy. It has been shown through research that those who consume enough chocolate are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular problems.

8. Enhances Mood

Not only does rich chocolate taste good, it actually makes us feel better. Dark chocolate increases the production of endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that foster feelings of pleasure or satisfaction. Furthermore, chocolate contains serotonin which is a natural antidepressant. So, the next time you are feeling blue, try snacking on a piece of chocolate for a quick fix.

The powerful benefits that can be found in a piece of chocolate are too good to not enjoy. The next time you feel a craving for chocolate coming on, make sure you feed it and enjoy the benefits with each rich, creamy bite!

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