8 Hilarious Comebacks to ‘Why Are You Still Single?’

The society is never happy with anyone of us. Am I right or am I right? No matter what stage you pass through in your life, people will always bombard you with loads and loads of questions. One of the cheekiest questions asked to a person is “Why are you still single?” Ah! Well, I cannot mingle or maybe I don’t want to mingle. But, they do not need to know the truth and all they need is gossip and some more gossip. So, instead of being nice and cautious, kill them with rudeness. They need to get some savage replies and here we are helping you with few of them. Do not forget to answer them back, anytime.

  1. ‘Well, I am waiting for Ranbir Kapoor. Now that he is single, you shall hear the news anytime soon.’

Also, don’t tell anyone that he was seeing ‘me’ while dating Katrina. But I was not the reason for their break up.

Now, that you have got your answer, don’t forget to circulate the news in the group.

waiting for ranbir kapoor

  1. ‘Alas! Unfortunately true! But, I wonder how come you are married!’

I mean you were seeing tow guys at a time and it would have been extremely difficult to pick one, right?

I hope you don’t curse the Indian customs.

  1. ‘Ranveer asked me long time back but I didn’t want to come in between him and Deepika.’

I mean just look at them. They look so cute and lovey-dovey. I don’t want to spoil their love lives and see Deepika in pain again. She is such a stunner, after all.

Ranveer asked me long time back

  1. ‘I am wishing and waiting for Augustus Waters or Raj to be real.’

And as soon as any one of them stop acting fictional and come to this real world, I would not be single.

You know what I don’t want to settle for any city dude who is less loving and more lusting. I want Augustus or Raj or both, may be.

  1. ‘You don’t know the gossip, right? Actually, I turn into a vampire every night and unfortunately I kill people.’

And I don’t want to do this to my partner. Who would ever want to cut their better halves into halves?

I sleep alone every night and I have never had a roomie too. I am so caring, you see.

  1. ‘Coz lady, you did not see my love till now. I have been eyeing you for so long but you have been so busy with the boys.’

Love doesn’t see caste, race, religion or gender. I hope you could understand this and come to me.

The pleasure of sex is not bound by sex, you see.

Still single

  1. ‘Your boyfriend didn’t tell you? Ohh sorry, how could he? After all, we had a secret plan. He would break up with you and come to me in few days and then I shall not be single.’

I am glad you asked this today coz I don’t want to be a backstabber in my life. But your boyfriend will be really pissed that I leaked the details.

But, honest me!

  1. ‘My Prince charming is pathetic with directions and he is actually from the Cinderella era so he does not even have a smartphone for the GPS tracking.’

Actually, the problem is that I have always wanted a real prince for myself and my family found one for me from Cinderella era and now he is coming on his white horse for me.

But, how to help him with the locations!

These were some of the funny and hilarious AF comebacks to the question ‘Why are you still single’. These responses are sure to get the other person cringe and he is sure to think a second thought about what you said. The person may judge you (which anyway they will) so better let them judge your sense your humour. So, as I said in the beginning ‘Kill them with Rudeness’.

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