Why is it Important to Buy Skin Care Products Based on Seasons

Did you know that your skin type isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to skincare routines and products used?

Our skin produces natural moisture through sweat and oil, which keeps it in a healthy condition. However, in winter, when everything begins to lose moisture, the dry air our skin is exposed to effectively sucks the moisture right out of it. This can lead to our skin cracking, bleeding, and getting damaged in numerous ways. In summer, your skin can be dehydrated and be clogged with dirt and grime because of heat. In monsoon, your skin may need more air to breathe.


Skincare holds a lot of importance, especially when the world we live in is polluted by us every day. Seasonal skincare is very crucial. Like, winter skincare is as the season keeps your skin dry for months at a stretch. 

If you let your skin dry out for such long periods of time every year, then it can take a serious toll on the health of your skin. Your ordinary skincare routine might suffice when the season is different, but in the colder months, your skin needs that extra bit of help. 

The same is the case for summer. You need extra help with sunscreen and moisturize. You need to stay hydrated to keep your skin healthy. These things aren’t limited to buying products like lotions, either. There are many ways you can go that extra mile to make sure your skin stays soft, smooth, and healthy in every season. 

Our skincare routines must be modified, based on the seasons and our skin type, to suit our skin’s needs. While your regular face wash or any other product may work wonders in any of the other seasons, during one of the particular seasons, your skin needs a little extra help. 

Before you buy face wash and body soap for those months, make sure to check if they have moisturizing qualities as the cleaning agents in cleansing products can wash away all the moisture and humidity from your skin.

Final Thoughts

Not many people know that our skin struggles more in some seasons than others. Even if they know, it is not paid much attention to. 

Have you ever noticed cracked heels in winter or dry patches of skin in summer? That is a sign of how different seasons hit our skin differently. Try to check if some product you are using can make it worse and eliminate it from your skincare routine if you don’t want to change your routine much.

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