Six Habits of Debt-Free People

Some people are taught as children to avoid debt, while others come to embrace that lifestyle after years of indebtedness. In doing so, they develop certain characteristics that set them apart and allow them to enjoy a way of living that isn’t driven by debt.

Here are six habits of debt-free people and what you can learn from them.


They Plan 

These people lead proactive rather than reactive lives. They plan their actions in advance with an eye toward efficiency. If they have errands to run, they look at the day in total and map out a route that will take them from place to place with the least amount of waste. These people set goals, look at the steps they need to take to achieve them and break those steps down into the actions required to fulfill them. 

They’re Patient

The concept of instant gratification is irrelevant to the lives of debt-free people. They believe anything worth having is worth working and sacrificing to get. They’d rather spend time up front gathering the means to get what they want and/or need, than spend time paying for it afterwards. 

While that might sound like it adds up to be the same, it doesn’t. 

People who bury themselves in debt to have every modern convenience cannot fully enjoy them because they then have to work their butts off to pay after they get them. Paying up front gives you time to enjoy what you got.

They Research

Debt-free people study their options before making purchases, rather than just buying what looks good. They want the expenditures they make to endure. In some cases, they will actually spend more — if they know the item they’re buying will last longer and/or provide more use. After all, this will make it a better buy in the long run. 

This tendency to research saves them from making costly mistakes. In the same fashion, anyone seeking help dealing with unmanageable debt would benefit from material like these Freedom Debt relief reviews to be certain the company with which they’re contracting is the best one for their situation.

Further, they usually don’t buy new cars or new computers, because their research has shown one can get the same utility from pre-owned — for far less money. In other words, they consider purchases carefully, because they enjoy having money more than things.

They Are Self-Confident

Debt-free people look inward to find assurance that all is right in their worlds. They don’t care what other people think about them or their possessions. Nor do they tie their feelings of self-worth to the material things they possess.

If they drive a Mercedes it’s because they know it’s durable, safe and will provide the best return on their investment. With that said, they are far more likely to buy a Corolla than a Mercedes (even when they can afford one easily) for the exact same reasons. 

They Aren’t Driven by Hype

Those lines of people you see in front of the Apple store every October to get the latest new phone contains very few of these people. If they are there, the phone they’re replacing is likely five generations old and this new one is going to last them five generations hence. 

In other words, they make purchases only when they’re necessary and they don’t let social pressure manipulate their spending habits.

They Make More Than They Spend

Said differently, they’ve learned to live well within their means. They save a set percentage of every dollar they earn, which is dictated by the written budget within which they live. They also save up to make large purchases and find ways to get the things they need with the least amount of expense. 

Embracing these six habits of debt-free people will find you soon living a debt-free lifestyle as well. And, it’s absolutely a worthwhile endeavor. 

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