Get Ready for Father’s Day

In the UK it’s Father’s Day on the 18th June. Are you prepared?

Make sure you’re showing your dad a bit of love in return and avoid last minute stress with these helpful hints.

Keep It Simple

There’s no need to be over ostentatious: sometimes the simplest things are the best. Look for things your dad normally enjoys, and either add a little something extra or take the burden of organising them off his hands. Giving a little bit of your time and energy can make the difference between your dad having a good day and having a great one without him having to worry.

Taking over the driving for the day so he can put his feet up while you ferry him to a football match, garden centre or pub of his choice is a thoughtful way to repay him for all the driving he did for you growing up.

Helping him out with a project is another good way to make his day easier, be that digging over a flowerbed, or helping to clear out the garage. The best way to show your appreciation is showing up yourself and shutting out distractions to spend quality time with him.

In Your Absence

Life is busy, and you might not be able to make it home for Father’s Day. Whether you’re travelling, stuck at work or even at home with your own children taking priority (or driving you to the garden centre), plan it advance to show your dad some recognition even if you aren’t there in person.

The simplest way is of course to get a card in the post – but sometimes we’re not organised enough to have one posted in time for the day. Calling is a good option – if you’re a poor student, or abroad with limited call time, having someone at home send mobile top up online is a great way for them to contribute and support both you and your dad.

Be Specific

Whether you’re sending a card, making a call or spending the whole day with your dad, use this quality time to talk. There’s no better way to show how much he has affected the course of your life than by talking about specific things he’s done.  Calling back to specific events when he made an impact on you will be more effective and original that relying on well worn clichés.

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