Amazing Netflix Shows you may not have Heard of but are a must Watch

Netflix shows

Netflix has always been a blessing. This is true especially for bachelors and hostellers or people living individually away from home. Netflix plays multiple roles- your comfort after a long or bad day, your company on Saturday nights alone, and your rescuer when you have to babysit a kid, etc. An all-rounder, it is. What happens usually though is that we end up watching all the popular shows and miss some of the TV gems which get shadowed.


This show is a combination of Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Chronicles of Narnia. It is a show based on the book series, The Magicians. The first two seasons of the show are available on Netflix. Unpredictable and exciting plot and an excellent cast sell this show. It has several music numbers, alternate parallel timelines, unexpected deaths and resurrections. A grad student studying at a magical university finds out that the world of fantasy he always read about in his books was real and was also now a huge threat to all of humanity.


An anime combined with the likes of Gossip Girl is this Netflix original in a setting of a futuristic New York City. The protagonist is a demon hunter who is hurting from his separation from his ex. The show sees him traveling to the top of the eligible bachelor’s list with his robot butler, aunt Agatha, his friends and Lexy at his service and ready to push him to the top.


This is a hilarious and emotional drama of six episodes. The plot revolves around six people in their twenties who go through an intense journey as they spend time together in an abandoned hospital as property guardians.


Peeky Blinders is a historic English crime drama which focuses a gang’s (named Peeky Blinders) operations after the World War 1 Birmingham. It has enchanting characters, fast paced storyline, wonderful cinematography and strong acting. It is a highly recommended British drama.


Made just for the love of Marvel, the setting of the show is in a Marvel universe and revolves around a blind lawyer fighting crimes, Daredevil and how he becomes a superhero. It shows the rise of Kingpinor Wilson Fisk, a crime lord. This show is the first one in TV series by Marvel finally leading to Defenders crossover miniseries.


A romantic and emotional sitcom, Lovesick was first Channel 4’s Scrotal recall. A nice guy is diagnosed with an STI and gets about contacting everyone he has met. Every episode focuses on the recall or flashback with every person. Some hilarious, but ending up with heavy emotions. His flashbacks with his soul mate (semi-platonic relationship) and horndog wingman were the heaviest episodes in terms of emotion.

Several other shows come under the hidden ones on Netflix including New Girl, Samurai Gourmet, Mr. Nobody, The Troll Hunter, Living on One Dollar and the Babadook. With so many options and vacations here, let’s get binge watching!

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