Best Shows to Binge Watch on You tube

Youtube shows

It is no surprise that the use of TV will soon be nothing but that of a monitor/screen. With the advent of smart TV’s people are watching less of channels and more of the shows they like or prefer. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu have magnified these show watching habits, especially among teens and young adults. However, this category faces a problem, budget. Although a lot of people actually pay to access such platforms, there are thousands who do not or cannot not. In spite of not having the ability to pay, everyone desires to watch different shows.

You tube is the one platform where millions of free videos pertaining to almost all topics on earth can be seen, for free. It has become a major source of entertainment for the people who don’t pay for such platforms but desire good quality content in terms or entertainment, news, subject specific knowledge or basically anything on Earth. Here is a list that will save your life, a list of all the free and best shows that you can binge watch on You tube.

1. The Actress:

This show is perfect for all those who like their shows, dark, humorous and dry. It is a story of a struggling actress in the city of New York. The Actress is one hundred percent a nostalgic trip for those who have slogged for success and also give hints to painful humors of life. It is written and acted by Ann Care. Season 1,2 and 3 can be found on The Barnacle Channel.

2. Kicking Dan Out:

A show that can be absolutely relatable to each and everyone who has ever had a horrible roommate. Yes, most of us have. But those terrible life experiences will be nothing compared to Dan in the show. A hilarious, rude and completely unhygienic Dan is on his journey to make ends meet to be able to pay rent after his roommate asks him to leave. The series is adventurous and will make you tummy hurt with laughter. It can be found on the Damn Channel.

3. Blue:

Created by Rodrigo Garcia, Blue is the story of a single mother, an escort. She tries her best to keep her job from her son and juggles a work life balance. Blue (the mother) is acted by Julia Stiles and this series is created by the creator of HBO series In Treatment. You can watch this groping drama on the WIGS channel.

4. Video Game High School:

Gamer Brian defeats a video game champion and is thus recruited to a video game high school. This show is set in the near future that is surrounded by gadgets and use of technology and is not that improbable anymore. First released on 12th May, 2012, the series certainly did predict technological use to a great extent. It is filled with surreal yet some absurd twists but is a must watch if you are someone who like to watch Community. All the episodes of this series can be found on the channel Rocket Jump.

5. I hate being single:

This is show is an inspiration and is extremely relatable for all those 20 something’s who are single, living a in big city and working their way through it. Rob is a recently dumped hipster who lives in Brooklyn and the story revolves around his life that intertwines with his friends wherein he is eligible but not yet ready to mingle. Yet he is on his journey to find ‘the one’. The minute you watch this show, you will not be able to help yourself but binge watch it. It can be found on the channel with the same name.

So no more spending money on these websites. You tube is the place to watch unconventional yet realistic shows that you will be able to relate to. That’s it. Stop reading this article right away and head to You tube and watch any of these shows for free.

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