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The craze for a smartphone is at its peak. In a few years’ time, the smartphone industry is totally going to wipe the simple mobile phones out of the market completely. It is not hidden from anyone that the age group that specially gets attracted by such phones are teenagers. Teenagers look out for different apps for their smartphones to enhance their fun time. Parents have a bit of reservations over the smartphone usage of their children because they feel that smartphones are a major reason behind the fall in grades of their kids at school. Mobile phone spy software can turn out to be pretty helpful for parents at such a time as it helps them monitor all the activities of their kids with ease.

Top App

Xnspy is a name in the mobile monitoring market that is considered something of high quality. This app works secretly inside the smartphone of your child and does not let you know about it. No feature of your child’s cell phone is disrupted during installation and the remote monitoring ability of this app lets parents keep a close eye on the activities of their kids from wherever they want to and whenever they want to.

Suitable Handsets

Android phones from LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Huawei and other giant companies work excellently with this app. This includes all Android phones running on OS 2.3 and higher than that. Apart from this iPhone models running on iOS 6.0 and higher than that are perfectly suitable handsets for Xnspy.

The Geo-Family

Geo – Location is one interesting app of Xnspy that helps parents track down their kids’ exact location as and when they wish to know about it. This feature works with the GPS navigator inside your child’s phone. With Geo-Fencing, you get to mark areas on a map as either safe or restricted. If your kid leaves the safe zone, you will be informed about that immediately and if your kid enters a restricted zone, you will be alerted regarding that as well.

As Exciting As Xnspy

Mobile phone spy software is a tool to assist parents in an efficient monitoring of their children. For a price as exciting as $8.33 a month, parents would be at ease once they subscribe for a package with Xnspy. What else would you require to keep a close eye on your kids?

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