Beer Similar To Stella Artois: Here Are the 10 Best Alternatives

When ordering at a pub or restaurant, saying, “I’ll take a Stella,” can make things simple because Stella Artois is a well-known beer imported from Belgium.  It is an international lager with a light, crisp, and faintly floral flavor. But what if you want to experience something different without giving up a European lager’s refreshing taste?

Drinkers of Stella Artois will prefer lighter beer styles with low ABV levels and high drinkability. Peroni Nastro Azzuro and Harp Lager are beers of the international lager family comparable to Stella Artois. Pilsners and American lagers are other styles to take into account.

Continue reading to learn more about Stella Artois substitute beers and get tasting notes for each one. We will also delve further into the most popular styles that taste similar to this world-famous international lager. 

About Stella Artois

Stella Artois announces its first-ever limited-edition holiday beer: Stella Artois® Midnight Lager. Available nationwide on November 4th, it’s dark, delicious, and perfect for festive season.

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Leuven, Belgium, is where Stella’s first brewing began. The beer was then manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri, along with four other AB InBev breweries around the US, under the Anheuser-Busch InBev brand. Stella is a 5% ABV available almost everywhere beer is sold. Stella Artois is best categorized as an international lager, despite being either a Belgian lager or a pilsner. It has a very balanced profile with little adjuncts, delicate aromas, and a trace of mild hop bitterness. It has the sweet malt foundation found in lagers and pours downs in clear-golden liquid with a frothy white head. 

Taste notes and flavor profile

Many people choose Stella, especially those who enjoy foreign and European lagers. It is regarded as one of the greatest imports and has garnered numerous honors. 

Stella Artois doesn’t need many ingredients when creating its distinctive lager flavor. It is made with malted barley, water, and hops. Even though the ingredients are straightforward, the result is a crisp, approachable pilsner with a combination of sweet barley maltiness and floral, herbal hop bitterness.

The barley malt and zesty hops work together to create a crisp and well-balanced lager. Expect a delicate, arid, and lasting finish. Additionally, the barley’s sweetness enhances the aroma’s herbaceous undertones.

Stella Artois has a lively carbonation, a light flavor, and a crisp finish. It’s a fantastic choice for a drink on its own or to go with food because of its soft body and energetic bubbles. Because of this, Stella Artois is the ideal beer to pair with meals. A favorite among beer enthusiasts, the drink’s unusually curved chalice glass accentuates the flavor and aroma.


Here are 10 Alternative Beer Similar To Stella Artois

After a while, even your favorite beer may seem monotonous to you. Thankfully, several beers taste close to Stella Artois that are worth trying. So you can keep things fresh while still enjoying your favorite beer. Many beers compare favorably to Stella Artios. We’ve produced a list of selections that will undoubtedly interest Stella drinkers, from pilsners to classic lagers. 

Pilsner Urquell

Among beers, Pilsner Urquell has a claim to glory because it was the original pale ale! It tastes crisp and airy, almost reminiscent of Stella Artois. However, Pilsner Urquell also has a flavor of caramel and is a tad hoppier. It is a notable beverage from the Czech Republic that frequently appears in the rankings of the top European beers. It developed the Czech style inside its name in 1842. More than 175 years later, it is still one of the best specimens of the pilsner category.

The only drawback is that it’s not very common in the United States. You should therefore check online or at specialized liquor outlets.


Heineken is an expensive beverage, but it’s well worth the price. This beer has a distinctive golden hue and is distinguished by its recognizable green bottle and red star label. Heineken, like Stella Artois, brilliantly captures the flavor of a pilsner. It’s crisp, bitter, and agreeable to the palate. However, many people who try it say it has a more robust flavor than most pale lagers. It tastes like sweet, biscuity malt.

Heineken has 19 IBUs and a 5% ABV and is made of barley, hops, water, and yeast. The unique skunky flavor that pale lagers are renowned for is also present in both beers. So give Heineken a try if you appreciate that quality.

Spaten Premium Lager

German brewers produce the excellent pale lager Spaten. It is a traditional bottom-fermented German premium lager with an extraordinarily well-balanced hop flavor. It has some admirable grainy characteristics, including the conventional pilsner malt aroma and a hint of grass. Although it appears to have a lot of body due to the carbonation, this beer is extremely light and simple to drink, with a hint of caramel sweetness and an excellent, well-balanced dry finish. Compared to Stella Artois, this bottom-brewed beer has a maltier flavor. However, it still has the crispness and traditional dry pilsner finish you’re probably searching for.

Additionally, it tastes sweeter than most pale lagers. So give Spaten a try if you find other pilsners to be a little bitter. It is offered in most specialty drink shops and is served in German eateries.

Maes Pils

Maes Pils is a Belgian pilsner similar to Stella Artois. It has the traditional golden hue and full-bodied flavor associated with pale lagers, and It’s also regarded as a bit of a bottom-shelf beer.

Prima Maezenbier, the original version of the beer, was created in 1930 at the Universal Exposition in Antwerp. It ranks third among Belgian pilsners in sales, behind Jupiler and Stella Artois.

While pilsner fans will love it, Maes Pils isn’t as unique as the other options on this blog. The sole notable distinction between Maes and Stella is that Maes has a more robust skunk flavor. However, its low price makes it a fantastic beer to stock up on for events. Additionally, its bland taste contributes to its broad appeal.


Anheuser-Busch InBev produces Jupiler, a quality Belgian Pils (pilsner). It has a black bull on its red label, which makes it easily recognizable and enormously popular in Central Europe. The sharpness and sweetness of the flavor are perfectly balanced. You can detect hops, malt, grain, and even notes of fruit when drinking Jupiler. It resembles a more sophisticated Stella Artois in many aspects.

It has a little greater alcohol concentration than Stella, with 5.5%. So if it’s that night, you also get extra value for your money. This beer’s availability in alcohol-free varieties is another fantastic feature, and it can be enjoyed by people who generally don’t drink but can still partake in the fun.

Baltika No. 7

Russians are most well-known for their vodka, but Baltika No. 7 is evidence that they can craft a fine lager. The most widely exported beer in the nation is Baltika No. 7, brewed in St. Petersburg. This light lager has a similar crisp, mild hop flavor and skunky aftertaste to Stella Artois. But it also has a distinct doughy taste that is uncommon in beers.

Baltika No. 7 is intricate and refreshing, although it is only for some and takes some time to get used to. Although it can be challenging to locate, this lager is one you won’t soon forget. And if you like a more potent beverage, you’re in luck since Baltika No. 9, an 8% alcohol beer with a similar flavor, is also available.

Corona Extra

You might be surprised that we included this Mexican beer. However, you’ll discover Corona and Stella Artois taste pretty similar if you try both.  The distinguishing factor between these light lagers is the pleasant citrus flavor of Corona. Corona is also typically consumed with a slice of lemon to emphasize its flavors.

Compared to Stella’s 5% alcohol concentration, Corona has a 4.5% alcohol content. This makes it ideal for enhancing savory and salty dishes. You will only get intoxicated slowly while having this beer. 

Leffe Blonde

If you’re looking for a robust and straightforward beer that tastes much like Stella, Leffe Blonde is the way to go.  With an alcohol concentration of 6.6%, this abbey beer has the most potent punch out of everything on our list. But this can be hard to believe primarily due to the unexpectedly smooth and energizing flavor of Leffe Blonde.

Additionally, Leffe Blonde has a beautiful malty scent and a faint vanilla flavor. It is frequently referred to as a floral, almost peppery beer.


Hoegaarden is a distinctive and outstanding wheat beer from the same-named Belgian town. Every sip has a harsh bite from the orange peel and coriander spices used to season it. Fans of Stella Artois will still like its light flavor and skunky scent.

Additionally, it is also an unfiltered beer. It appears to be murkier than the other items on this list. However, many people think the beer’s murky sediments improve the flavor.

Because of its distinctly light look, Hoegaarden is frequently referred to as a “white” beer. It may be the spiciest alcoholic drink on our list.

Blue Moon

A witbier in the Belgian tradition, Blue Moon was first produced in Colorado. Their “Belgian White” beer got its name because of how light and nearly white it was.

Blue Moon’s flavor profile is remarkably similar to Stella’s. Stella is hoppier than Blue Moon, which is more wheaty. Most bars offer Blue Moon with an orange slice and a beautiful citrus flavor.

This pale ale is widely available throughout the United States. If you like a fruitier beverage, it works great as a Stella alternative.


Even though there are many various kinds of beer on the market right now, some brands continue to be more well-liked than others. Baseball enthusiasts and beer lovers enjoy Stella Artois, the Official Beer of the Chicago Cubs. The beers mentioned above are comparable to Stella Artois if you want to try anything in that vein. Discover each of these beers to find the one that best suits your tastes by exploring their distinct flavors and drinking styles. There’s no reason to always drink the same kind of beer when so many fantastic options are available! Cheers!

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