Benefits of Whiskey Bet You Didn’t Know About


Whiskey is not just for a cold winter night. There is a lot more to a good old-fashioned whiskey than what meets the eye. We bet you didn’t know that whiskey actually has some benefits that help you in a healthy way. Of course, this doesn’t mean you gulp down bottles of whiskey and expect it to work its magic. Anything consumed out of proportion is certainly going to have some ill effects. 

Yes, whiskey is not only a flavorful drink but it also brings along beneficial qualities for you. Next time you have a glass of whiskey be grateful for all that whiskey does to you apart from the hangover if you go overboard. 

Let’s look at the benefits of whiskey we bet you didn’t know about. 

Helps Lose Weight

As opposed to many other drinks, whiskey has comparatively less sodium and zero fat. Whiskey has simple sugars that are processed easily and fast by the body. This can help whiskey drinkers lose weight. Quit the beer and the beer belly, switch to whiskey, and stay off the weighing scales. 

Can Lower The Risks of Heart Disease 

Surprised? Don’t be. Many studies suggest that having just one glass of whiskey in one day can reduce the risks of heart disease and subsequent heart failure. A study from Harvard suggests alcohol in moderation can increase the quantity of good cholesterol in the blood. This works as a natural protection to protect you from any heart-related diseases. 

Helps in Fighting Cancer 

Research suggests that whiskey can help in fighting cancer as it has ellagic acid. This ellagic acid can help catch the bad cells present in our body. Wine and fruits also have this acid but as compared to that whiskey naturally has it in higher proportions. Be aware that whiskey should not be used as the only treatment to fight cancer. 

Can Reduce Stress

This is the major reason one drinks alcohol. Alcohol can calm your nerves and make you feel relaxed. A glass of whiskey can take some of your stress away, be mindful to not go overboard with your drinking. It is one of the ways to destress, not the only one.

This is the reason why you will see many people who have jobs with high stress levels indulging in a glass of whiskey after work, to wind down for a bit. 

Remedy for Common Cold 

Whiskey has been a remedy for common colds for a very long time now. Remember your winter friend ‘Hot Toddy’ for those chilly nights? It is the whiskey that keeps you warm and comfortable in the harsh cold. Whiskey combined with lemon, hot water, and little honey can warm you up and keep the cold away. Even though it is not solely the whiskey that keeps the cold away. The blood vessels dilate because of the drink making it easier for the mucus membrane to fight against the cold infection. Don’t feel guilty about having a hot toddy on a cold night. 

Decreases Blood Clotting 

Our body is made in a way that whenever we have an internal injury, the blood naturally starts clotting to stop the bleeding. But, if the clot moves into other parts of your bloodstream like the lungs, hearts, or brain, the effects can be disastrous.

Whiskey is known to naturally thin blood. Having an occasional peg of whiskey can significantly decrease your chances of having a blood clot. 

Additionally, if blood clots mix with bad cholesterol and get stuck it can have negative effects. As mentioned earlier, whiskey increases the production of good cholesterol that can help fight the bad guys. Chances of having a stroke are quite rare even if you have a clot. 

Immunity Booster 

As mentioned earlier, whiskey can help you with common colds and also build your immunity. It has ellagic acid that when combined with vitamins can build your immunity to fight against various illnesses. Please make sure you are having whiskey as a magic potion in very small quantities and not abusing it. 

Final Words 

With the above-listed benefits, you can enjoy your whiskey a little more than usual. As much as whiskey being a favorite just for weekends or special occasions it has many benefits as mentioned previously like fighting against common colds, building immunity, fighting against cancer, and keeping heart diseases away. Even though it is a potent drink it should be moderately consumed without having too much of it or else it will have negative effects. Only when it is had in small quantities over a long duration it can help you with all the benefits it has to offer. Avoid overindulging and enjoy whiskey in smaller proportions.  

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