What is the best place to meet girls


Guys often ask that question. There isn’t the only right answer because there are several places. Of course, not all of them can be called the best, but they are definitely better than others. Team of Brides Bay online dating services created these tips to help you.

Incidentally, the bar is the first spot that springs to mind of most guys. Actually, they are thinking in the right direction. This is a place where a lot of girls also come to meet somebody, so you can be sure that both women and men are looking for the same at the bars. Moreover, you go to the bar because you aren’t a couch potato and you really like the places like that. So do the girls that come there. That means, at least, that you share similar interests.

Coffee shops.

One thing that you should know about the coffee shops is that not all of those women sitting there have come to be picked up by you. If you see that she’s busily typing something on her laptop, you’d better leave her alone. But if you see that she is pretty relaxed, sit next to her and ask her what the WiFi password of that coffee shop is or offer to buy her another cup of coffee. As there are always long lines, you can use that time wisely and talk to a girl standing in front of you or the one sitting at the nearest table.

Book stores.
So far, a book store can be considered the best place to meet an interesting girl. One of this major advantages is that you don’t have to look for a topic to introduce, it’s as clear as day – books. First of all, make sure you feel at ease, then put on an inquisitive face and approach a girl asking her to choose three books that are very important for her or that influenced her much. Don’t be afraid to be rejected. If she is a keen reader, she’ll find your question interesting and answer it gladly. Moreover, people like talking about themselves. Just pull that trigger and in an hour or less you’ll find yourself walking down the street with her or sitting at the nearest café.

Art walks.

Almost every major city or town has its art district where the local artists exhibit their works on certain nights of the month. As women are fond of everything beautiful a lot of them won’t miss that event. If you spot a girl who is leisurely looking round the exhibition alone or with her friends (other girls), approach her and say something about the works of local art or start discussing the most striking pictures you’ve just seen. Even if she turns you down, there are a lot of other girls out there who came not only to contemplate the arts and crafts but also to meet some nice guys (like you).


Walking down the street you may notice a real beauty that you’d like to meet at once. Grab the opportunity, come up to her and say something nice.

Classes for adults.

If you’ve never taken acting or dancing classes, you really need to try that. You can meet a lot of single women there. Also, it’s an unusual and fun way of interaction and flirting, and you are going to love it.

Gym or fitness classes.

You should be careful with meeting girls at the gym. If you go to a gym for the first time and on your first day you try to talk to women, you’re taking the risk to appear as a guy who came here only to pick up girls. It’s advisable to talk to a woman you liked at the gym if both of you are working out there regularly. Make sure that she is also interested in you (random glances, smiles), otherwise, she may take it as a harassment. A much safer solution can be a fitness class. A closed environment creates the atmosphere of comfort and ease because everybody is in the same boat doing similar exercises. An excellent excuse for starting a chat can be a few words after the exhausting workout.


By doing community service or volunteering, you kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you’re helping those who’re in need. Secondly, as the share of female volunteers is much higher than male, you get an opportunity to meet many good girls. Volunteers usually work in teams, that’s why they have to communicate a lot. There are different volunteer projects, so you can choose the one most suitable for you.


It’s a bad idea to flirt with girls who work in the stores: there are a lot of other guys hitting on them daily, so don’t make them mad at you.  Switch your attention to the girls who are shopping there. There are different ways to chat up a girl in the mall. One of them is to ask her to help you choose a present for your sister or mother because you don’t have any clue what this can be. At the same time, compliment her on her appearance and style. If she agrees to do you a favor, you next move will be to say that you’re going to have a snack and offer her to join.

Social networks.

There is no need to tell you that social-media websites and social networks are the places where you can meet a lot of different people. Of course, it’s an indirect communication but you can find many girls with similar interests, especially if you meet them in a thematic community Victoria Hearts dating site review.

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