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There are several ways to bet on the Super Bowl. There are In-game wagers, Moneyline bets, and Futures bets. If you’re not sure which type of bet to place, read on. It’s easy to become confused and lose a great deal of money betting on the Super Bowl.

In-game wagering

In-game Super Bowl wagering is an exciting form of wagering that can help you make a profit. There are a variety of prop markets to choose from, such as the length of the National Anthem, the number of touchdowns scored by either team, or whether a particular performer will skip a word in the speech. In addition, you can place a wager on the number of songs that a halftime act will perform.

Sportsbooks generally release their Super Bowl odds shortly after the matchup is final. The first wave of lines will include moneylines, point spreads, and totals. These odds are indicative of the betting action, and they may change by as much as two points as the game goes on.

Prop bets

Prop bets on the Super Bowl are fun and can be a great way to diversify your Super Bowl betting strategy. Most people stick to betting on the team’s total and the spread, but there are plenty of different games to bet on in the Big Game. Prop bets are also great fun for novice bettors, and can be a great way to keep you engaged during the game. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Prop bets on the Super Bowl include player-performance prop markets. These markets involve a player surpassing a certain statistical benchmark during the game. The payoff odds on these types of wagers are usually quite generous because of the low probability of success.


If you’re a sports fan and like to place bets, you should look into the moneyline for Super Bowl betting. The moneyline is a bet that involves choosing the winner of a game without taking into account the point spread. In most cases, the moneyline isn’t very accurate, so you’ll need to know the odds of the game before you place your bet. The moneyline odds will typically include favorites and underdogs. For example, in the 2017 Super Bowl, the favorites were the Chiefs while the underdogs were the Buccaneers.

In the regular season, NFL games can end in a tie. If you place a wager on an even game, you’ll be awarded the same amount for a win. In the playoffs, however, the winner of the game must be decided by a point spread.


If you’re a football fan, you’ve probably heard of futures bets before. This type of betting involves predicting which team will win the Super Bowl, usually during the postseason. However, this type of bet can take a little more luck than other futures bets, and it will take some serious thought to make a winning prediction. If you can predict the winner correctly, however, you can get some big payouts.

The odds for NFL futures change throughout the season based on team and player performance. This can make it difficult to predict a winner until the season starts, but it is possible to bet on a team with a good futures price. Keep in mind, though, that NFL futures can be quite profitable, but they can also tie up your bankroll for a long time.


If you’re looking for an edge in your Super Bowl betting, look for trends. These are historically rooted patterns that give you an edge in your wagers. One example is the fact that the team wearing white jerseys has won 14 out of the last 17 Super Bowls. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continued that trend when they beat the Kansas City Chiefs in 2014.

Another way to find an edge in Super Bowl betting is to analyze the past five years of games. In the last seven Super Bowls, the underdog has won five out of the seven games, so betting on the under is a good idea. The over/under for Super Bowl 56 is 48.5.

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