Best Wines to Choose From


Wines tasting is a connoisseur’s aspiration. But, most of us are not trained in wine tasting, and don’t know what all the fuss is about. Getting a Champagne sometimes, but failing to select the right one must have happened to many. Pairing of the food and wine is extremely important, and this is where amateurs get into trouble. Some dishes are meant to be had with a particular wine to enhance its quality and taste. We have brought to you a compilation of 7 wines, along with the food type that can be had with it for an enriching experience.

  1. Verada Tri-County Pinot Noir

This wine goes really well with the earthier flavors, like mushrooms and truffles. Having a subtle light-bodied taste, this wine is full of the savory tastes that accentuate the mushrooms. A light fruity taste seeps into the aftermath, and makes the wine a delight to your taste buds.

  1. Château Pierre De Montignac

This Bordeaux Blend has a grapey taste, and pairs well with beef and venison. With its vintage quality and red appearance, this wine has steadily risen up the ladder of fine wines. Coming from France, this import quality wine has a fruity, as well as savory twist to it, which effectively cuts through the heaviness of meaty dishes. A glass of Chateau Pierre De Montignac and a plate of steak, what else do you want in your life?

  1. Josh Cellars Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon usually pairs well with juicy red meat. Refreshing the palate with its warm taste, this wine has a slight hint of roasted nuts and dark fruits. Being full-bodied and plush, this wine boasts of having the rich flavors of black cherries, black berries, black oak, and a hint of vanilla. Josh Cellars Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon has become one of the best cabernet sauvignon out there in the world. Lamb chops with fresh herbs, and a glass of this spectacular wine will gladden your heart and soul.

  1. Olema Chardonnay

This white wine is one of the world’s most famous wines. Having a buttery and rich aroma, this wine goes really well with fatty fishes dressed with a rich, lush sauce. Made from Californian grapes, this white wine has become a favorite among wine-lovers all over thee world. With a subtle hint of tartness, this wine gives a refreshing feeling to your palate.

  1. TendanceCaladoc Rosé

A fitting companion of rich, cheesy dishes, like, an Italian cheese sandwich. Not all cheeses go with white wine or red wine, but most of them pair brilliantly with rosé, which has the slight acidity of white wine, and also composes the fruity hint of red wine. Being crisp, and dry, this wine also pairs well with salads. Having a strawberry base, this wine also contains ginger, which accentuates the acidity of the wine. Having mild notes of citrus as an after-taste, this wine gives you a dry and refreshing ending to your palate.

  1. Cruz Alta Malbec Reserve

This intense, medium bodied, black fruit wine, with a hint of vanilla pairs superbly with barbequed food, and is not overshowed by the sweet and spicy barbeque sauce. Having a red plum aroma, it gives a spicy and firm finish to your plate. This big and bold drink is all about flavors, daring, and a hearty palate. Cruz Alta Malbec Reserve goes especially well with grilled meat dipped in Asian barbeque sauces.

  1. Tesoro della Regina Pinot Grigio

With its light peachy notes of aroma, and a green apple base, this rich, but elegant pinot grigio goes really well with light fish dishes like seafood tostada bites. The acidity provided by the wine itself counteracts the richness of the fruits contained in the wine. Tesoro della Regina Pinot Grigio is one of he finest pinot grigio in the world ever brewed.

With this fabulous, mouth-watering, and head-spinningcollection of wines to choose from, we are sure you will get your dream wine. Remember though, the wine is only as good as the palate. Pairing of your wine and your palate is an imperative, otherwise, they won’t compliment each other and the essence of the whole experience will be lost.

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