Best Places to go Wine Tasting Around the World


First having emerged in Europe, today the wine culture rules the world. They have a history of over thousands of years and are still ruling the modern the day society.  Initially the roman empires were known to have established regions where wine was made but slowly it spread to America and Australia as well. And today over 61 different countries are known to produce wine all around the globe.

So here is a list of top wine tasting destinations that are famous all over the world and if possible you definitely give it a shot!


This is a place in France spread over an area of 12000 hectares, the soils of which are just the perfect place to grow grapes in order to produces the most exquisite wines in the world.  Red wine being produced majorly here covers 80% of the total quantity of wine that is produced.  This place is also well noted for a special quality of wine which is produced here called the white dessert wine. This place is truly a paradise for all the wine lovers because you don’t just get to visit the fields but you can also e the part of the Bordeaux wine festival and visit the wine museum as well!

The Douro Valley

This place is in Portugal and is known to produce the finest quality of wines in the Douri valley.  This place has a history of over 2000 years thus resulting in a pristine landscape rich in cultures and the blossoming vineyards that act as a blanket to the hillside regions of the river Douro.  Come here to taste the port wine which is the specialty of this place. Also taking a wine tour would be a great idea here while you cane explore the nearby villages.


This is the nature’s heaven located in Greece. And what makes it more special is the long history of it that is associated with wine making. In earlier times, the wine of Santorini was famous all across the Mediterranean and was exported to the other parts of the world as well. The micro climate of Santorini and its land covered with volcanic solid toghther make the perfect condition to prepare the best quality of wines ever! Majority of it being located in the central and soutthern parts of the island. So along with the white washed house and pristine blue water the wine of this place are too give enough of reason to come here for wine tasting.

Tuscany, Italy

Located in Italy, Tuscan is the home to the world famous local wines that attracts wine lovers from all over the world.  The Chinati region is known the best place where most exiquisite wine is made and a trip to this place will give some life long memories.

Thus if you ever look for an exiquisite destination for wine tasting you should opt for one of the above mentioned places. These places not just offer the fines qualities of wine that you will ever tatse but also an ambience that feels like heaven!

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