Dos and Don’ts of Online Shopping for the Festive Season

Online shopping

You are reading this because you love shopping online. And, let me admit; online shopping is fun even for those who do not like to visit stores and waste their time shopping. Moreover, it is convenient and you can do it from anywhere just with a few clicks on your Smartphone.

But, does that mean there are no challenges associated with online shopping? It would not be fair if I bluntly say that there are none!

While you are reading this, I am sure you are also reminded of all those problems that you have come across while shopping online.

So, don’t forget to read these dos and don’ts that could make online shopping experience worthwhile for you.

  1. Check the Return Policies

If the product bought by you doesn’t meet your requirements of size and aesthetics, you would not like to use it and your spending on it gets wasted.

And, if a defective product has been delivered to you, you definitely would not want to keep it. Obviously, you also deserve a refund!

All good e-commerce sites and apps have clearly defined policies for refund or exchange of the products. And, it is generally not feasible to buy from apps or sites which do not share such policies with their users.

So, make sure you search for such policies in your chosen shopping app and read every word of it carefully.

  1. Don’t Underestimate Reviews and Feedback

To avoid being caught up with a wrong product or a bad seller, you must check the product and seller’s reviews.

At times, other users give comprehensive feedback too. These are first-hand experiences of those who have used the product and should help you gauge the product from different perspectives.

And, never choose a site or app which does not share product reviews or feedback.

  1. Understand the Product Descriptions

No matter how popular online shopping is, there are people who would argue that they do not shop online. They apprehend that online shopping would not allow them to accurately find the right product.

And, some people actually end up making the wrong purchase online.

Where would they be going wrong? Most of the times, it is about not checking the product descriptions properly. I agree that some websites or apps do not have very comprehensive product descriptions. At times, even the pictures are also misguiding. But, this is where one has to be cautious while selecting.

It is better to shop only from the apps or websites which give accurate product descriptions. And, it is mandatory to read every piece of such information properly before making the purchase.

Many of them also offer videos along with pictures. This helps to get better 360-degree views of the product.

  1. Ensure the Safety of Your Payments

Most trusted sites have very secured payment gateways. The first and foremost check is “https” prefixed to the domain. So, it is important to use the right sites or apps for online shopping.

As per a recent e-commerce research, debit cards and cash on delivery are the top payment choices of shoppers. But, always use credit cards instead of debit cards for your payment security. You will not have to share your bank details and the credit card company will ensure that you do not lose your money.

Also, don’t forget to check your credit card statements before you pay your bills. And if you find any unauthorized transaction, you must report it to your card customer-care.

Also, when using apps for shopping, it is better to download them from the app stores. You must also check the reviews of the app and the number of times it has been downloaded as that can give a good indication of its popularity. Avoid downloading and installing random apps from unsafe websites as you could end up becoming a victim of a fraud.

  1. Avoid Buying Impulsively

The social media ads are usually so attractive that most of us are tempted to make an immediate purchase. I know you do like clicking on those ads and visiting the seller’s site. And, there is nothing wrong in it. It does give you an idea of the products available, prices etc. But, impulsive buying is never a good idea.

Moreover, even if you like a product, it is advised to not rush and order hurriedly, as you might regret your decision later.

You must evaluate whether you need the product and whether you would require it immediately or maybe after a few months. Life is always better without cluttered wardrobes and messed up homes.

Generally, adding the product to your wish-list is a good option. That helps you keep a track of this product and buy it later when you are completely sure that you do want to buy it.

And, even if you can wait, do! That will help you not just reconsider your decision to buy but also gives an opportunity to browse for better alternatives.

Last but not least; you must maintain monthly shopping budgets. The convenience of online buying should not empty your wallet or damage your plans for saving for the future.

  1. Disable Push Notifications

The biggest problem of registering with online shopping is that they keep sending you notifications. And, and they won’t stop. This is their digital marketing tactic to provoke you to make a purchase and they exist because you make purchases.

I know you have made many wrong purchase decisions due to such notifications which prompt you to make an abrupt purchase.

Such notifications are very annoying; they disturb you when you are at work or when you are attending your kid. And the marketing emails from e-commerce sites keep cluttering your mailbox making you lose a track of your important emails.

But, you can definitely solve this problem. You can enable or disable push notifications from the user settings section of the app or website. And, for the emails also you can choose the “unsubscribe” option.

Do it now to make your experience of online shopping more rewarding.

  1. It Is Fine If You Miss Some Offers

Offers! I know you love this word.

Did you ever try to recollect how many times you have made a purchase just to avail such offers and later realized that you never needed the product that you bought? Well, almost all of us have experienced this.

The solution is simple. You must make a wish-list and buy only those products that you need and when you need them.

Difficult, but not impossible, isn’t it?


Online or app-based shopping is here to stay. The fact still remains that some people have apprehensions and others have considerably bad experiences associated with it.

Lured by the convenience, we’d better not avoid or ignore the problem areas. Awareness is the key!

And, most of the issues are manageable with just minor precautions.

Its Christmas time and I have my lists ready; Happy shopping to you too!

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Jin Markov is a Content Writer with, a research firm in the USA. He has an experience of 6 years and has been writing on areas related to e-commerce and marketing.

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